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Lightweight racing shoes

Ok, Sorry I have gotten a bit question happy recently, but 1st tri of the season is coming up, so needed help!

This time its about trainers.

I have always worn either nike or asics, my most recent being asics gel nimbus. I love them, but they are quite heavy and very well cushioned so are great for training on tarmac.

BUT, I fancy getting some ultra ultra light racing flats, as the races I'm doing this season are only 5k and I intend to try and make up as much ground on the run as possible, as my bike and swim arent that strong.

Ok, so heres the problem. I tried on a pair of Saucony type A2s today, size 11, problem is my feet are a bit wide so I usually have to go for size 11 so the sides of my feet dont hurt. Problem is I usually have loadsa space in the toe, which is usually fine, but as I need a fair amount of rigidity in the toe area for forefoot running and sprinting the Saucony Type As just wont work.

This is quite odd as I used to be a runner, on track only, and I have never had a problem with spikes.

So does anyone have any recommendations on super lightweight racing shoes for people with wide feet?


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    JonhinioJonhinio Posts: 289
    New Balance have a couple of new racing shoes this season and they come in different width sizes. Have a look on their website. I have the opposite problem. Size 11 and narrow. For long runs I have NB 1062s size D. Hoping to get some racing ones in the States when I'm there soon.
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    paulfitzpaulfitz Posts: 67
    Good advice on the NB's.

    If its a marginal thing, you could try lacing them up differently. I remember a 220 article on 'skipping eyelets' so the shoe has a bit more freedom at the toe end. You loop the bottom bit, but then run the laces straigh up to a higher eyelet and only cross over in the last few. Never tried it myself so might be cr@p, but just a thought

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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Thanks guys, I spent a good 2 hours trying on every pair of racing shoes at my local tri shop, after no success with the size 11 sauconys I tried a 10.5 and perfect! just the right fit! still a little bit of room in the toe area, but I can live with that.

    These things are like running on air!

    Now I have red shoes and a red tri-suit, so Im gonna be super fast!
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