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London Tri - Olympic

Hi guys,

wanted to say congrats to everyone who competed at London over the weekend. It was my first Oly distance and clocked in at 2hr 41mins. Had an absolute shocking swim coming in at 36mins, Bike was good (i think) at 1hr 10mins and my run was average at 48mins.

Anygood for a first oly distance, have previously done 3 sprints and a 3/4 distance.

Cheers and well done.


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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Nice result there! You must be chuffed with that, especially in the shocking conditions. It's a good result for your first Olympic, and you can probably see the elusive 2:30 in your sights for next year. [8D]

    To be honest, I thought it was a bit rubbish this year... access was poor: traffic chaos getting in, signs directing cars to car parks that had been closed hours earlier, no numbered racking (and pretty tight racking spaces as a result), traffic chaos going out, roads not re-opened in time. It all seemed a lot more slick last year.

    On the plus side, the later starts for the majority of people meant it was possible to see the Elites racing. Bloody hell! We are not worthy.

    Against doctor's orders not to run or strain my hip or shoulder in any way, and having not trained for 2 months as a result, I thought I'd turn up and enjoy the Elite race, see the exhibition, and see where my latent fitness got me.... with a steady bike and a jog/walk I came in at 2:52, which is a long way short of this year's sub-2:30 target (after a 2:38 first-timer last year), but hey.... there's always next year, after some rest and some surgery.
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    Congrats to you both and well done Bopo with that injury. Tried to look out for ya but only going from your pic here it was a bit difficult.And i have to agree with you about the logistics of it all which has persuaded me to do other events insted of london next year.

    Saying th at i still managed a 2hr 33 min 03 sec time got to get under 2.30 now next race in Weymouth sept 14th hope to see you there bopo.

    I'ts a VO Two event so check out the website.

    Well done again
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    Hey Bopo!! Here I am staying out of the pool, b.c. of my swimmers shoulder AND because you told me that your not training and here you are sneaking into a race[:'(]. Could not stay away huh?? Agree with you re. the transport conditions etc. I was there on Sat. and Sun. to cheer on various mates and getting to and fro was a total diseaster. Stations closed, tube lines closed, no bikes on trains etc. Friend of mine finished around 5:15 Sunday and arrived home in West London at 9:30 pm! The organizers must get together with Transport for London and do it better next time. Omen for 2012 Olympics otherwise???
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Hey SwimminTukker... sorry about the sneaky race entry. [;)]

    It was already bought and paid for a loooong time ago, so I thought I'd at least turn up and see how I felt. Not exactly a race for me, just a day out.

    And regarding the swimmer's shoulder thing: I fought for a place on the front before the start to see if I could cruise in some clean water, pressed on for about 400m until my shoulder said ' Stop It!', backed off a bit, got tackled by the mob behind and limped home a few seconds under 28 minutes. I really didn't enjoy any of it. [:'(]

    Did anybody read the 'Trained to Perfection' article in the most recent 220? I have gone through the 'Anger' phase - see my injury post - and yesterday was the 'Denial' phase, I reckon. Now I really know I'm injured, so I'm stopping and listening to the Doctor/Surgeon.

    It won't seem appropriate to post to the 'What training are you doing' thread, so how about us bio-mechanically challenged individuals start contributing to a 'What re-hab have you done?' thread?

    Well done to all the 220 forum team who had a good weekend. It all helps feed the addiction! [:D]
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Well done guys some good results despite fate and that conspiring against you. Great to see everyone making the most of themselves
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