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Powerplate Training

Hey everyone,

Just wondered if anybody has done powerplate training? It's the thing that vibrates and you do a variety of exercises on e.g. press-ups, tricep dips, squats etc. It makes your muscles contract at an incredibly alarming rate meaning a very hard workout. Lots of celebs swear by them Madonna aparently.

I just did a 30 minute class at my gym and it feels like i have done an intense weights and core stability session.

They cost £7000 each and looking at the research they are suburb for developing muscle tone and burning fat. Although does nothing for your CV fitness.

Any users...thoughts etc.


  • Hmm, they sound like the things I keep seeing people stand on but not actually working up a sweet! Only joking, I know nothing about them so I to am curious to know what people think?
  • They are pretty good, and great for working muscles and building core strength. If your gym has one, then great, but surely there are many many better ways to spend 7 grand!
  • Thats what i thought until i did one, i usually do lots of CV stuff and free weights but thought i'd try. Seriously hard work. My HR went higher doing the Powerplae than during my spinning class. Wierd.

    I'll prob do a couple a week to see if it improves muscle tone and strength.
  • Would any one like to explain what you do, that way next time I go I will give it a go...
  • Treefrog will have one!!
  • Well, they basically vibrate, which causes you to loose balance like 20 times a second or something like that, which as steve says makes your muscles contract to readjust your position so you don't fall over. This makes your muscles work extra hard.

    As a cheaper alternative steve have you tried using a balance board and/or a swiss ball for doing your core stuff to make your muscles work harder?
  • They have 5 at my gym........all included in membership costs!!
  • Sounds like you go to a posh gym! Mine has none, although I like the fact that my gym is crap as it stops me going there, and gets me out on the road!
  • Virgin Active. Nice actually. I mainly use it in the mornings before work to get in weights sessions, spinning classes, swimming.
  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    I have serious questions over these. They have 2 at a gym I work at and I have done the advanced instructors course. I believe they have their place, maybe for a bit of toning and some benefits to core stability, but some of the claims they make are dubious to say the least and I wasn't impressed by the guys that taught me on my course.

    I've read some of the original research articles, and some of the ones reporting benefits to strength were poorly designed studies. A recent study on them found some pretty concerning data (although I haven't read it myself). They reported that the level of vibration you're exposed to can have some serious effects long term. Basically one of the reasons why so many runners wear compression socks is to help prevent damage caused by vibration, which is nowhere near the levels you experience during vibration training.

    I wouldn't altogether write it off, it gives a good massage after along bike ride, but having been around them for a couple of years, I'm not sold.

  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    My Pilates trainer is also not keen on them for precisely the reasons given above and is concerened about long term use. Her rationale is that if you say run on a treadmil then the body is being subject to stress but also has an opportunity to recover during the full cycle of motion. With the Powerplate the body is being hit at a higher frequency but with little time for recovery in between cycles.
  • Just to throw my spanner in the works [:D]

    At last year's British Society of Rheumatology meeting (I was there for work) there was an entire session on these machines. There were arguments on either side of the fence for the benefits and negatives of vibration during training and the workshop group failed to reach a concensus on what the benefit was in this area. Although if you are in need of increasing BMD (Bone Mineral Density) i.e. if you are osteoporotic or osteopaenic then there is a benefit to using them as they not only improve BMD but enhance the structural quality of bone laid down.

    Not an answer I know but there you go....

  • ZacniciZacnici Posts: 1,385
    So if you are a menopausal woman or don't drink milk then could be useful!
  • Absolutely!
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