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i'm currently training for my first ever events....im a PE teacher and have always been involved in team sports (rugby, football and cricket). I have entered the Reading 1/2 marathon, the Hye Park tri and the London Mazda Tri (Olympic distance).

Has anybody got advice for training etc for a newbie to the scene. So far i'm just doing running and weights.

cheers and have fun training


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    mate, get 'how triathlon ruined my life' - not so much a training book but full if mega usefull tips that'll do you more good than a training book! go to www.upfrontpublishing.com and enter the title of the authors name 'darren roberts' and the book will come up. this guy does an Ironman 3months after his 1st tri - and it's funny.

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    Cheers mate...one for the christmas list.
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    no worries bud, and here's the link


    wish I'd had this book before I started tri!

    And you don't mention swimming in your resume, better get swimming bud - might only be 25% of the time over Oly distance but it's without doubt the biggest bugger. Having got myself down to an ok 1500m time in the pool (30minutes) for a fat knacker like myself. I then 'breastroked' the whole way around Windsor this year like an idiot in a whopping 50 minutes. As to the reasons why, I won't spoil it for you if you're getting this book as they're in there.

    As Darren says ' a peice of litter could've floated round quicker' - describing his own open water experience.
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    Yeah swimming could be my nemesis. Have ordered the book, hopefully be a good read. Cheers.
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    Do bricks and enjoy it
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Hey, watch out, I love the swim!!![sm=kiss.gif]

    Not that good at it though, but it sure makes you feel alive (well, after that boxing match at the start of course). Learn to love it, embrace it, but dont force it; it will hapen in time.

    Like treefrog says, concentrate on bricks. Most people tend to forget that running of the bike is totally different than just running. If you dont train this, you're morethan likely going to suffer (and your finish time might change to DNF, which no one likes to happen).

    Most important of all: ENJOY!!!

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    What are Bricks???
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    NickNick Posts: 66
    bricks:- building material used to construct all manner of useful things... or the name given to a training session that incorperate either bike immidietly followed by a run. or cycling to your swimming pool then going for a swim. bricks incoperating bike to run are good to get you used to "jelly legs" [:D]
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    One other piece of advice ... Don't take yourself too seriously. I did this once in lightweight rowing , ok I achieved my dreams and it was great and all that, but on looking back at it I probably would have done what I did anyway! Why? VO2 max (which is 90% genetic) would have seen to it without all the sacrifice. Now I do triathlon for enjoyment a nd variety and I drink loads of beer.
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