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Training times

What are good training times for Olympic Distance. I'm a decent swimmer and runner, cycling is weakest. Not sure what the 'average' time is.

Any ideas or info.


  • Hi Steve

    Everyone hates to answer this because we are all such varied standards and expectations - so you either sound cocky or slobbish, but I know it was the one question I wanted to know a year or two back. My best answer'ish is:

    If you would hope to run a marathon in 4hrs, then you would very roughly be looking for a 2hr45-3hr triathlon, say 35min swim, 1hr 20min bike, 50 min run and 5-10 mins in T1 and T2.

    If you would hope to run a marathon in 3hrs15mins-3hrs 30mins, then you would roughly hope for : 2hr15mins- 2hr30mins, say 25 min swim, 1 hr 10min bike, 45 min run and 5 mins total in T1 and T2.

    Your training times ought to be within those ranges - you can scale up or down to fit the boundary times depending on where your strengths are. The key things to remember are that you run far far slower off a bike than you run on a normal day unless you have really practised the bike-run brick sessions (i.e. I'm about 19 mins for 5km normally, but about 22 mins off the bike), and that you swim faster with a wetsuit on, particularly if you manage to draft (about 2 mins faster).

    Hope this helps


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