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I need to get a comfortable saddle so I can build up some mileage as i'm just starting out in training. I don't want to go through half a dozen saddles before I find a good one thats comfy.If any of you have got some advice it would be much appreciated.I dont mind paying for something like an Fiz i k Arione/tri 2 so long as my ar*e doesn't start hurting after 10 miles lol!




  • gaterz1981gaterz1981 Posts: 233
    Trip to the bike shop would benifit you more, unless you can find your arse double on here. Think the fizik range is good, my tri bike has the wingflex one on.
  • MarkGMarkG Posts: 7
    Specialized have special measure tool to measure bum bones and can recommend size and type accordingly!! Evans is where measured mine and has made difference but might have just been the cut out style rather than solid which had previously!!
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I love my specialized saddles....but it is very much an individual thing, you have to try them out.
  • HarryDHarryD Posts: 425
    Specilalised Toupe! Width selected to fit my sit bones. Light & minimalistic. Perfect from first ride.
  • Free WillyFree Willy Posts: 63
    I have tried many saddles over the last few years but last year discovered the 'Terry FLy Tri Gel' saddle which has been fantastic, I do a lot a long rides (IMNZ etc), before I found this saddle I would find in a 180k ride somewhere around 120-140k I would start notice the saddle!

    Plus I use the best bib/knicks/shorts I can get (chamois with gel if possible) and for a long ride plenty of chamois creme. I am not a top competitor I just like to be comfortable.

    This saddle is not the lightest - but then neither am I so if I need to reduce the weight on the bike I will stop eating pies and keep my saddle!

  • epacseepacse Posts: 92
    Hi, i got one of these....TIP TOP!!



  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    that does look like the daddy of saddles, any good? how much that set u back?
  • epacseepacse Posts: 92
    to be honest, i read about them in a magazine, thought, wow, pretty cool and yet, probaby a bit gimmicky, but hey, my poor ass was getting a battering (steady) [:D], so thought, give it a Tri, so to speak!

    Anyway, trawled about, and good old Ebay come up with the goods! Really helpful lady had one for sale, brand new, her hubby had bought her a Bizik (not for me) and so she was selling this!

    It arrived, looks great, little bag thing you can insert and the pump thing straps to the seat post! ABSOLUTLY fantastic! Seriously, pump it a little, let it out, all very adjustable and groovy!

    So much so, i'm riding from London to Paris in September and this baby will be my chosen ass massager! [:D] [:D]

    Sorry, the answer to you other question, after my ramblings, it was ONLY £40!! I was made up with that! Considering the comepetion, and it's made by Top Peak, which furnish my other 3 bikes with saddles and various other gadgets!

    Hope this helps!


  • tony btony b Posts: 57
    My backside likes Specialized saddles, too. Got the toupe gel on my TT bike, and the Avatar on my regular road bike. The cut out makes a huge difference for me, and like someone above said, they come in three widths to suit your butt.
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