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Just started back training and racing and have been looking for the extra edge, arn't we all and have been looking for suppliments and have been seeing a lot on the web about a colostrum supplement called Neovite and its benefits.

Particularly the help in recovery from hard training and racing, as well as the boosts to your immune system.

Which is where it has grabbed my attention.

I just wondered if anyone had tried it and what you thought?

They've got a website www.neovite.com

Any info would be appreciated.




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    Hi Dave - just caught your email concerning Neovite. I am a Neovite sponsored Triathlete and have been using the product for the last three years. Since using it I can honestly say that my health and performances have definately improved. Three years ago, I went on the look out for a natural supplement that would help sustain a healthy immune system and provide all the neccessary ingredients to sustain and promote lean muscle tissue and quick recovery. I had a few minor problems with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) and on reading the literature on Colustrum felt that I could kill all birds with one stone with this product.

    I couldn't have wished for better, I am now IBS free, have had the best season ever in 2006 with numerous great performances (a 2:00:36 Olympic and 21st in the World Triathlon Sprint Championships (40-44) and qualifying for the GB team for the World Sprint Championships Vancouver 2008). I have had a great winters base training so far and have been lurgy free!!!

    I'm aiming to step up to alf Ironman distance later in 2008 so it will be interesting to see the effects with a hefty increase in training volume.

    I really can't recomend it enough!

    Phil Jarvis - Triathlete

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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Tried it,did not see any positive results other than a thinner than normal wallet.You could try Glutamine as a supplement.
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    Thanks for that have decided to give it a go, will let you know how I get on.CheersDave
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