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London Tri 2008


I am doing my first tri - London. Just got a few questions regarding set up etc. I have been asked to rack on Saturday afternoon,

Will I set up all my equipment on the Saturday, running shoes, drinks etc?

Will I get to go to transition position prior to the race?

Is there parking close by for the racking and for race day?




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    MGMG Posts: 470
    Hello Ben,

    Plenty of parking near the excel centre so no worries there, it'l cost you though!! As for racking, you'll just be racking your bike and helmet on the Saturday, leave your other gear until before the race. Dont forget your wrist band and photo I.D, you'l also need to put a sticker with your race number on your bike too.

    It'll give you a chance to suss out the "swim in" and "bike in and out" and "run in and out". You can figure out the best way to find your transition spot so you dont get "lost" come race day!!

    Good luck my friend!![:D][:D]
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    hlidhlid Posts: 7
    Great answer above, all I would add is transition is huge and it can look a lot different in there when you are racing on Sunday as many of the bikes you will see on the Saturday have gone. There are letters (or numbers) painted on the walls of the Excel that make good markers for finding your bike after the swim.

    Have a great day, don't lap me!!
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