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drift on the flow

Has anyone experience this whilst using their Tacx Flow...?

throughout the session the brake seems to lose resistance for about 30-50secs, the mph shoots up by 5-6mph, HR shoots up by 30-40 bpm and then it returns to the original setting!

I haven't personalised the brake resistance so could this be a factor??




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    THE YEOTHE YEO Posts: 20
    I've been using my flow for just over a year now and on the odd occasion the resistance bar does drop from 3 to 2, but goes back to normal. I must say that this only happens when i'm on there for 80km or so. This is becuase the wheel drum gets very warm and mildly affects the resistance, but always goes back. Never noticed any speed change as i always calibrate it BEFORE EVERY RIDE.

    This is becuase the calibration is affected by both tire pressure and POWER coming for the mains. You can set it up one day and then the next, get the tire pressure the same but the resistance is slightly different.

    I also warm up on it for 10mins before calibrating it so that i ensure the drum is warm enough for calibration. Hope that helps

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