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wheel choice

I think I may have the choice down to two sets, so opinions would be really handy.

HED3s clinchers - used, but hubs seem in good condition and they are true - £450ish

Planet x 82/101 tubs new - 500, bear in mind that the tubs will cost 60-100 for the pair and I already have a decent set of clincher tyres which would go on the HEDs.

Or possibly the planet x 50s, tubs also 400 - but I kind of fancied something a bit deeper.

Thanks for any help or opinions!



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    MGMG Posts: 470
    Hmmm, tough chioce!! I have a set of Planet X carbon 50 and can say they are excellent. However, the deal on the 101/82 set is very good and I know a guy who has this combo and races all weathers with them. He raced at London last year (very windy) and said the 82 front was fine (he's 6ft and about 12st).

    It all depends if you want clinchers or tubs I suppose??

    The gap in performance between clinchers and tubulars is pretty much nil nowadays so its down to preference rather than performance.
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