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Ironman 2009

I've just ha this emailed to me, this is for the 44% (it will make sense when you read on) hope the training is going well.

Dear UK IRONMAN 70.3 and IRONMAN UK Competitors We hope that your 2009 season is going well and that your training is coming along nicely for your UK IRONMAN 70.3 and/or IRONMAN UK events! IRONMAN UK have been sending out a number of important emails over the past few months - some with course information and updates on it, others with more general ‘house keeping’ subject matters. But all of these emails are vitally important to YOUR RACE DAY. The information contained needs to be digested and read, so that everything which could affect your Race is passed onto you. IRONMAN UK understands that in this day and age dozens of emails are flung back and forth between people, but we only try to send out information which you will actually need. In this era of modern technology IRONMAN UK is able to tell who and who has not opened their emails! This is provided by the online communication system that is part of our entry system. It has come to our attention, from the facts and figures that this system has thrown out at us, that of the last three emails we sent out a maximum of only 56% of all fully confirmed and accepted Competitors have actually opened them! This is very alarming, as we want all of you to have the best race possible without any hitches, for this to happen you obviously all need to know the information that we are sending out. This will not happen if at least 44% of all fully confirmed and accepted Competitors are not reading these various e-mails! If you are reading this e-mail then the chances are that you are one of the 56% who are reading their emails! Thank you for this! We now ask a favour of you all! Could you please talk to your friends, family, team members, training partners or anyone who you know that is doing our race and make sure that they are receiving the emails and also that they are reading them! If for some reason you find that there are fellow Competitors who say they are not receiving these emails from the IMUK Race Office, and then please ask them to check they entered their correct email address on their entry form when they originally entered their event! Or they may have changed their e-mail address since then. Or they may have chosen a works address that constantly blocks our e-mails. All Competitors can check which e-mail address they originally entered by going to the Check Your Entry section on the relevant event website at www.ironmanuk.com. Follow the instructions and details such as e-mail address, phone number, postal address can all be edited by yourself.


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