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IMUK weird question

eat less fibre a few days prior to the IM


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    nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284
    Trust me I get really nervous.
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    nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284
    Hello everyone I know this is a weird question, but I can't ask my girlfriend this. As a very nervous OW swimmer I expect to be going to the loo a lot pre swim does this mean I need to replace my nutrition???

    Please do not dis own me for this question.

    Also Conehead will you move to Cardiff please.

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    nicknofingernicknofinger Posts: 284
    Cheers Conehead I like the term "anal devastation "

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    ShaggyShaggy Posts: 140
    There's nothing wrong with your body evacuating anything race morning - you're not going to starve or de-hydrate during the day.

    It always feels like its evacuating everything.

    As a parent of small children can I recommend Kandoo type wipes. Not just for cleaning the bike!!

    Anal devastation sounds dodgy though, I wonder what a google search would come back with...


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