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Oh my God I've just entered an IRONMAN!!!!!!!

Anyone else just made the same mistake? [:o][:o][:o][:o][:o][:o][:o][:o]


  • Good on you....

    Which Ironman have you entered?

  • The UK one signed me and my brother up to it.
  • me too (Ironman UK)!!!!!!!!!!! - just wondering if anyone has any good links for 'off the peg' ironman training programmes?

    I've done quite a few Olympic and middle distance events - and just want to make suer that I manage the 'step up' well.
  • Me too, can't wait though

    I don't know which is more stupid, my brain for suggesting this or my body for going along with such a damn fool idea!
  • I have a number of books but the training schedule I will be following is a thirty week schedule ( from the book beironfit ) starting on the 4th january.

  • I've got a friend sending me a 30 week plan over I'll have a look and see what that's like. I think I am going to just do a training diary and have a monthly goal.
  • never2old wrote:

    I have a number of books but the training schedule I will be following is a thirty week schedule ( from the book beironfit ) starting on the 4th january.

    Hi never2old. I worked out the 30 week programme should start the 11th January? am i wrong?
  • i have just trippled checked and I still get a starting date of the fourth ?
  • al_fordal_ford Posts: 119
    30 week programme to end on 2/8/09

    week 1 will start on 4/1/09 and week 30 will end on 2/8/09

    I made the same mistake as sevenspud and it had my week 30 training starting on the day of IMUK 2009 - now that would be a challengin week.

    What 30 week programme are you guys following - the competitive, intermediate or just finish?

    I think I'll start with the competitive and see how I get on for training time - might end up being just finish!
  • EdstgEdstg Posts: 83
    a stupid friend of mine told me it would be great to enter ironman lanzarote! i have since read stories of grown men crying on the side of the road before they even get to the run. My wife is threatening to leave and my kids occassionally ask who the strange man in lycra is they sometimes see leaving on a bike a 5.30 in the morning.
  • Doh!!!!

    I cant count.

    The 4th it is then, training starts a week earlier than I thought.

    I intend to follow the intermediate plan, although I swim in my lunch and with my level of swimming cant do 2500m in 45mins.
  • I am gonna start with the intermediate aswell as swimming is really not my strong point and I have to improve on this.

    But to just finish would be an excellent achievment
  • That's great guy's thanks - beiron fit it is then!

    I also found a useful 20 week programme on beginertriathlete.com

    Thanks again
  • Has anyone here done an Ironman yet? And if so what program did you follow?
  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    I used be ironfit to train for ironmanuk last year. i did the competitive programme but of couse life got in the way a lot of time and i ended up missing out on some of the longer training rides and runs on the weekends. i'm using the book again to train for next years ironmanuk (i was planning on doing ironman france but what with the credit crunch i decided to do uk instead). planning on doing the intermediate this time but to keep the swims from the competitive programme as i found them to be pretty good. swimming is my favourite and easiest part of training though. also, i'll be adding some running and cycling into my commuting so that should help bump up the training miles!
  • Wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

    Just signed up for Ironman UK too. I am excited and nervous already?!?! 33 weeks out? Weird.

    Christmas is a crazy time! [image]http://forum.220magazine.com/micons/m11.gif[/image]
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