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Weight training

Hi everyone, can you help me with some weight training. I sit at a desk all day and the biggest thing I lift is a coffee cup. Can anyone suggest some weight lifting/gym work to help with core and swimming fitness.

Cheers everyone Mr Skinny.


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    jacjac Posts: 452
    Try a full body workout, something along the lines of squat, bench, lunge, standing bent-arm pulldown and seated row. Maybe throw a few planks in at the end for core stability.

    Low weight high reps for endurance, high weight, low rep for strength.
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    BlinkybazBlinkybaz Posts: 1,144
    If you are looking for a gym work out then I would ask the gym instructor. If we all chuck in ideas we might get it wring for you.

    It all depends on your body make up as to the right plan for you and the muscles you want to improve.

    If you are doing your gym workout in your home with weights and and random gym stuff then be carefull not to over do certain weights and exercises.

    As Jac said low weights and high reps build stamina and high weight increase size.

    Bench's are great for core strength.

    Lie down on your front and raise yourself on your elbows so your foreamrs anr flat on the floor. Strighten your body and up on to your toes. Hold the podtion for 30 seconds and down. repeat as required.

    If this isnt clear check out planc's or bench's on the internet.
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    Whilst I agree with Baz...I have to qualify that with my job being a fitness manager & seeing some of the muppets that have an instructor qualification...& sell themselves as personal trainers. Be careful who you ask & what you ask..I would always ask for a sports specific programme, if they blink uncomprehendigly at you....ask someone else (depending on your aims of course), if they try to put you on mostly machines...ask some one else, if they ask 'wotz a tryaflon ven' walk away & keep walking.

    If they however sit down with you & go thru your weak areas & areas you think need improving, if they maybe at last look at you running to see how your gait is, if they go thru stuff to ensure you understand & can execute properly, if they say you will need to update within 2-3 weeks & give you a fair old bit of (relevant) core work, then you may have a good 'un there, make good use of them.
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    Cheers good advice.
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