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Half Ironman Training Plan

Can anyone help find a training plan for a Half Ironman Event? The ones I have recently looked at look far too complicated!!


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    I'd recommend Joe Friel's Triathlete's Bible as a starting point. When's your half?
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    BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    Here you go:

    Swim for 45mins 3 time a week

    Bike for 1hr 2 times a week

    Spinning class once a week

    Run for 1 hr 2 times a week

    Do a long run = 2hrs every other week

    Do a long bike = 3hrs every other week

    Also do a few bricks every now and again (going out for a run after the a bike ride).

    FInd something to give you energy on the bike (gels, bars) and practive using em.

    Do a couple of olympic distance tris.

    Eat healthy and give up smoking.

    Job done - if you cant do the long rides/run now then gradualy build up to it.

    Disclaimer - I am not a PT, The above is just what I think would work.
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    Many thanks for the advice!!
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I'm aiming to do Half IM in August and am working to this plan:

    Now until April

    Mon :1hr swim at steady state (100 lengths)

    Tue :10km running slow (50 mins) & I also do 30 min sculling - I love it!

    Wed : 60km cycle on turbo at race pace

    Thu : 30 min sculling or light 35 min run

    Fri : 20 km run at race pace

    Sat : off but usually get in a 30 min scull

    Sun : cycle - club run 100km plus at the groups speed

    After April I'll drop some of the slow stuff and do a few specific intervals to get faster and then I'll do heaps of bricks and also employ my 75% theory

    I'll end it all off with a couple of race pace bricks and THEN WIND DOWN

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