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Early morning training

Quick question to those who do early morning training.

I'm looking at starting this regime but don't know whether to get up even earlier to eat some breakfast, or just have a carb drink.

Just after a general concensus to what other people do? I'm rubbish if i don't have anything before exercise, but breakfast or protein shake before training probably isn't best![:'(]


  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I have oatmeal with raisins or raspberrys at approx 5 am. Not large quantities, cause I don't want tosee it floating in the pool though (nor do my club mates[X(]). I have a good cup of coffee too to wake me up. I get in the water at 6, but during the drive there I sip some carb drink(dilluted with some water,nothing too heavy on the stomach you know).

    Afterwards, driving to work I have some more breakfast, just to make sure that we're filled up to normal energy levels.

    Probably different then other people, but works like a treat for me.
  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    For me it depends on what my session is. Most of my early morning sessions are running, so I eat nothing. I can can quite comfortably run for an hour or so without breakfast. If do swim early then I may eat half a banana before and the other half on the way out of the pool to tide me over until I get home. If I'm doing a bike ride I always eat before I go out.

    Bare in mind what your goals are in your workout too. If you are doing a high intensity workout where your demand for glycogen is high, then you will not perform as well if your stores are depleted, however if you are trying to boost fat metabolism then training on an empty stomach may improve it, although that is probably open to debate.

  • legalbeaglelegalbeagle Posts: 208
    I find it really hard going to run or swim if I have eaten within the last hour/2hours - so I tend to go for the no eating beforehand. I usually have a 50/50 water and orange juice drink on the go though, sometimes with a pinch of salt and a dash of ribena (a tip from a friend, who like me doesn't like the sports drinks).

    I awlays eat when I get back though
  • Dave BoyDave Boy Posts: 94
    Like the rest I swim at 6am get up at 5 have cup of coffee and drink while swimming.If I am running have coffee and toast hour before run.If bike toast bannana and coffee then long bike feeding on the bike about 2-4hour bike.Always eat after session.
  • lowther76lowther76 Posts: 74
    Firstly thanks for those that have convinced me and other newbies to get up and train early. Was in the pool at 6.50 this am and had a great swim. Also takes lots of pressure off for the after work training.

    Secondly I agree with Legalbeagle as i cant train if i have eaten within last 2/3 hours. Just proved that by eating a Go bar when i got home from work then going on a 4.6 mile run. Spat quite a few second hand chunks up on the way round [:'(] - still got a PB on that route though!
  • mike_trimike_tri Posts: 60
    Hi guys

    i only ever run in the morning and beforehand i just drink some water with vimto in it, during i drink water then after i drink a sports drink whilst i cool down, then afterwards eat breakfast. sometimes i find it hard to eat afterwards but training in the morning really gets you up for the day doesn't it
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    If you go out and do a 35min+ at steady state with NO food whatsoever you will soon lose lots of fat. I know this is true as I spent years as a lightweight sculler/rower and in pre regatta quests to get down to 68kg I employed this method. Mind you it only works if you use it along with a "calorie controlled diet" - as the ads used to say!
  • legalbeaglelegalbeagle Posts: 208
    treefrog - thanks for the advice. I am trying to get my weight down and this might help! I don't exactly look huge but I weigh heavy and it definately hinders my running. I'll give myself a few more early morning sessions and just watch that weight vanish!
  • AdyShawAdyShaw Posts: 19
    Thank you everyone for replying, did a 40 min. run on just water this morning, felt a bit empty but will persevere, hopefully i'll get used to it.

    Felt good knowing it was the beginning of the day and i'd already achieved a training session.[:D]

  • ruthruth Posts: 3
    I have one weetabix any more than one and i'll see it again, but if it's just one i can go within 30 min. Have tried loads of different foods but thats the only one that works for me[:)]
  • Hi Everyone

    some great advice in the replies... as a newbee myself i find all the advice on here helpful, especially on nutrition, funny how we are all different isn't it!!!

    I had 2 issues when i first started training, firstly i weighed in at about 17 and half stone and secondly i sweat like you wouldn't believe... in a 2 hour training session i could lose half a stone!!! i experimented with all kinds of foodstuffs pre-training, especially for those early morning sessions cos i can't eat anything first thing and now have a solution that works for me.

    A nice strong cup of coffee when i first get up and then sip 500ml of SiS GO electrolyte drink over about 45mins-hour, then once into whatever mode i'm doing i have a "stinger", which is a honey based gel, and this works wonders... I've had to get used to drinking quite a bit on the go as well... but i'm loving the training and it's obviously working because I've just weighed in at 15 and half stone... running and hill climbs on the bike are SO much easier!!!

    Thanks for all the great adive everyone[:D]
  • That was obviously meant to say ADVICE... must have had a sugar rush from the "stinger"[:D]

  • leekyboyleekyboy Posts: 18
    [color=#006633]Hey guys..interesting thread for me as i've been doing shift work involving starts as early as 3/4am..[/color]

    [color=#006633]I have run/cycled to work on and off for bout 12/14yrs and always waited till after the excercise for fuelling at real early starts with no probs at all. Don't think you must eat or drink before every session, because let's face it you just don't feel like it that early!! [/color]

    [color=#006633]If you are going for sessions over an hour then really you should be eating something to prevent the inevitable cramps that do (trust me), hit! Something as small and simple as a flapjack/energy bar with fluids will easily allow you to extend the training comfortably...just remember to fill up after!![/color]

    [color=#006633]Hope my experience helps, and don't forget those nutritional expert jobbies have been bangin on about 'fast' trainin to get the body used to sourcing fat for fuel, apparently!![;)][/color]
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