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QR Seduza or Cannondale Blade 5

I know another bike comparison question! Sorry!

I have finally narrowed my search down to 2 bikes, just wondering if anyone out there has any good or bad comments on either bike




Thanks a lot!


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    have a cannondale supersix roadbike - love it.

    if i was going down the aero route, the slice would be my choice.

    Best of luck, Paul

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    AdyShawAdyShaw Posts: 19
    Doh i meant slice not blade, too many bike names!!!
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    rj1265rj1265 Posts: 70
    As always when it comes to buying a bike .... get one that fits [:D] and is comfortable......

    The QRoo does have better components.... Dura-Ace & Ultegra comps compared to 105 on the C'dale.

    Having ridden neither I am open minded... (As I may have mentioned before I have a limited choice in Bikes due to my height !!!)

    You should also consider the Focus Izalco Tria - 'played' with one at 'The Show' in Feb at Sandown Park it was very nice [:)]


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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    I have a Seduza,it is the most comfiest bike I have ridden,I am 6'2'' and a tadge under 16 stones,the only annoying point is that the wheels that came with the bike are not good enough,so I would try to factor in a good pair of aero wheels into the price,as for the cannondale I cannot really say sorry.
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    This is a tough one - The QR is better equipped, and their frames have a great reputation especially on the tri circuit. The Cannondale is a newer and most excellent frame but the equipment is not quite as high spec as the Quintana Roo.

    Generally unless all other things are equal avoid letting equipment spec be the deciding factor, it is generally better to study the frame.

    I would opt for the Cannondale because it is a newer frame and all the rider feedback that I have heard and magazine reviews (220 included) have been excellent.

    Take a look at the geometries of each frame, examine the build, find out the weights in your size and most importantly compare the stiffness - Cannondale should score highly here -

    The bottom line is to test ride them and see which you're happier with.

    Stiffness data can be found here :www.efbe.de

    Best of luck

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