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focus izalco tria vs cayo

Sorry to broach the same old 'Road vs TT' story but I wondered if anyone has either of the above bikes?

I'd had my heart set on a Cayo but the review in the Feb 220 on the Izalco has thrown me. I mainly compete in Olympics and have got by with a (recently stolen) Q Roo Kilo, but jumping up to middle distance this year so thought the road bike with clamp on Tri bars would make more sense over a long distance.

Obviously the carbon frame appeals over the alloy but to be completely honest I've never used a carbon frame, so maybe it's just the idea I like...



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    MGMG Posts: 470
    Hey danmoscrop,

    Ive got a Focus Cayo (2007), its awesome, goes like stink and a decent carbon framed bike with ultegra and 105 componants for £800, if you get the 07 model from wiggle. Thats a storming bargain. Fitted some profile aero bars to it and its perfect. TT bikes are fine and dandy but no so clever at hilly terrain. If you plan on doing mainly flat courses TT bike is a good investment, if you want versatility then its a road bike every time for me..........Go for the Cayo you wont regret it!!!![:D][:D][;)]
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    MG — thanks, I'd hoped that the Cayo was best, can't wait to get one.
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