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'Lake guts' advice please?

Does anyone have any advice for avoiding getting a bad stomach after a lake swim (beside the obvious of not swallowing any water)?

Done a few triathlons where I seem to get a really bad stomach about 30mins after the swim, doesn't effect my bike too much but really damages my run. I'd heard flat diet coke but has anyone tried it or can you advise an alternative that works?



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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Coke either flat,or fizzy (flat coke is generally drunk towards the latter stages of long course events to provide a sugar boost without the belching).A nose clip to reduce any inhalation of lake water,abit of research before hand on what other users have access to the lake.It is diesel oil that makes me barff,a couple of retches and a swill of liquid clears it up.I don't know if you can get liver salts in tablet form, but Andrews powders are great for settling pre event nerves.Best of luck.
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    the bellythe belly Posts: 125
    [:)] get a bottle of kalin & morphine [:)] a spoon full after training or before .... seems to work well .... [:D]
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