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Hi people,

I'm new and just wanted to say hi and ask abit of advise. After alot of searching on the forum and other sites, the Giant SCR 2.0 seems like a great beginners bike. There is quite a different range of prices depending if you buy the 'o7 or 'o8 model or weather you buy it online or in stores. My question really is that if anyone knows of a reputable dealer who stock these as it is almost impossible to see one in store. I'll like to have a feel if its the right bike for me and to get the sizing correct. All the stores I have been into want a deposit before they order it in. I am based in west London. Any suggestions welcome.

Many thanks in advance


  • scott298scott298 Posts: 122
    go to the Triathlon cycle and run show on the 9-10 febuary!

    they have a section where you can test ride diff. bikes!!
  • MartzMartz Posts: 3
    Hi Scott,

    Thanks for the reply, I'll pop down there and see if there are any bargains
  • BoycieBoycie Posts: 189

    If you don't mind a bit of a drive then The Bike Shop in North Harrow stocks Giants'. I've not been down there recently but they definately had SCR 2.0's in there last year. You could always give them a call on 02084275454. I've bought 2 Giant bikes off them and always found them helpful and you can usually get a bit of a deal.

  • Wiggle is always worth a look.
  • MartzMartz Posts: 3
    Thanks Guys,

    I'll defo check out North Harrow as it's not too far a drive from me. hopefully they havent sold out of the scr's ;)
  • Martz, I have just bought an entry level BH bike from Prologue in East Sheen. If you can get there they provide a great fitting service and guidance on the best bike. Also, it would seem the BH entry level has a higher spec than the brands. Do negotiate as I did get about 10% off the retail.
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