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Training Jargon

In 220 Tri I sometimes see training sessions described as follows, for example...

3-5 x 1,600m at 10km race pace plus 3secs per 400m with 200m jog recovery.

What does the plus 3 secs per 400m bit mean? Does it mean you do each 400m of the 1600m 3secs faster than the previous one?



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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I'll try with an example:

    First you need to know your 10k race pace. Lets say you run 50 minutes over 10k .This means your 10k race pace is 5 minutes/k.

    So 400 metres is 2 minutes. So i think in the given case they would mean that you do the 1600metres in 2 minutes plus 3 seconds per 400metres( I think they put it this way because regular tracks are 400 metres long). That would, in the example give a time of 4x2.03= 8minutes and 12 seconds per 1600m.

    I can see how this stuff dazzled you , they have put it a bit in a strange way there . ( although now I tried to help you , I totally confused myself now [>:][8|])

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    thanks benny but i'm not sure if you're right.

    what you say means that you are doing intervals a few minutes long, with rests, at a SLOWER pace than you can already mantain continuously for a full 10km.

    doesn't sound right![&:][&:][&:]

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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    You're right, that doesn't sound logical does it.

    Lets hope someone that makes more sense will answer your question.

    Sorry for the crapy response[&:][:)]
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    ok i worked it out.

    e.g. 10km in 50:00 = 2:00 per 400m, so yo do your intervals 3sec faster per 400m = 1:57 per 400m.

    got this from other running websites.

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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    allright; now i can get someninner rest,your puzzle just shook the earth from under my feet[:D]
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