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Terrapin on Sunday

After being general annoyed by the concorde organisers and not being able to find any suitable pool based eventrs this weekend or next I finally bit the bullet, bought a wetsuit and entered the Terrapin tri on Sunday. Tried the wetsuit in the pool but wasn't able to get to an open water venue this week so first time is Sunday.

Anyone else doing this?


  • zig a zagazig a zaga Posts: 22
    Cant make this event this year. Have done it twice in previous years, in fact it was my first triathlon in 2004. It is a good event, bike course is pretty flat as is the run.

    Do they still do the novice, shorter swim and run ?
  • ashthetashashthetash Posts: 164
    Do they still do the novice, shorter swim and run ?
    They certainly do. I thought about entering it but then decided if I can swim 500m how much harder can 750m be? Since it was always my intention to move up to olympic distance this year or next I may as well start with the longer swims earlier rather than later.
  • I'm hopefully doing this on Sunday if I can shake off a lingering cough!!!

    Did this event last year in the same position as you, if you can try and get a trail swim in on saturday morning at Bosworth Marina between 0730 - 0900 (details on the Terrapin website) if not get in the water as soon as you can on Sunday morning

  • ashthetashashthetash Posts: 164
    I'd love to go to the open water trial day on Saturday but other circumstances prevent it. What I can do on the Saturday depends on what time I get there. It's a bit of a trek for me and I looking at a very early start already.

    Hopefully You will get rid of the cough and I'll see you there.

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