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Money best spent

Hi all,

I have for the past few months been putting money into my 'triathlon fund', after working out monthly income/expenditure the excess goes into the fund, as does any bonus money or from selling stuff.

I think its something everyone should have in this sport, its so easy to spend lots of money without realising it, incurring WAT etc. I nearly sent myself into some serious debt getting my race bike.

So i think its time for some pre-season withdrawals, the fund currently stands at 600ish.

So where is it best spent, here is what i've come up with.

Swim - either swim therapy swim analysis (I live near by in leicester) £60 for an hour, or lessons not sure on cost

Bike - Aero wheels! I have been offered a few second hand sets for 500ish, or I could get the new mavic cosmic carbones for about £600, but is the cost really worth the return?

Aero helmet, 50-100, is this worth the outlay seeing as I'm only doing oly distance, as I have recently got my self a rather expensive giro atmos.

Run - I'm thinking a new set of shoes after getting my mate who owns a running shop to look at my gait again, although I still am sort of injured I've decided to start jogging again as it no longer hurts.

Anything else anyone would suggest?

P.s. this all could be pointless if the money has to go towards a hip operation :(


  • Jack HughesJack Hughes Posts: 1,262
    I did a similar sort of thing: I decided a 50/50 split between new bike and swim coaching. The only problem is that I have spent each half about 4 times now.

    I think it would be really interesting to try to do a cost benefit analysis for each thing.

    e.g. Garmin 405 + attachments at £250. Turbo trainer at £250. New bike at £700. Tri suit at £80. Swim lessons (not too much so far, but more planned expenditure to come). New shoes at £50. Which of these has enabled me to shave the most of times etc?

    Obviously, it is a tricky exercise with lots of intangibles.... I think the turbo is possibly the best value for money so far. Followed by the bike and the 405. Swim lessons/DVDs etc. remain to be seen.
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    thanks for the replies, I have to say I hadnt quite thought of it in the cost for time gain way.

    with the swim being currently my biggest limiter I am definitely going to spend some money there, I reckon the swim analysis might be a good first step.

    In regards to coaching, I would like to have a proper coach, but I'm not sure I want to pay lots of money to just be sent a training plan. I really enjoy writing my own training plans, and because my job, so to speak, is so random, with my timetable changing on a weekly basis I would find it very difficult to stick to a set training plan.

  • husslerhussler Posts: 237
    Although Swim coaching would be a really good investment... Be wary of what time of year you go with a company such as Swim shack or similar...

    They will probably tell you to start from scratch and get you doing body balance drills etc for a good few weeks.. I have a mate who started with Swim Shack in Nov last year and only 4 weeks ago did they have him actually swimming full stroke......

    If the chaps you go with do the same, you have two choices:

    1) listen to them word for word - this means your race season will suffer as you will be well into the season before full stroke swimming is resumed...and you will be so far off the pace regarding both speed and endurance it wont benefit you this year.

    2) listen to them, but continue swimming as normal outside your coached sessions - This means you may not get the complete benefit of the coaching.....

    Chat with them and see how their sessions plan out and what the impact will be on your season. I would say if your gona go with these guys then do it over winter/end of season, so it gives you plenty of time to get it sorted without pressure/disappointment of not seeing much gains from it all.

    The other way you could do it is how I do it.......

    Get a private swim coach....£60 for 2hours....

    Mine worked with my existing stroke and tweaked it over each 2hour period. I have had 14 hours with him now and I have seen massive improvements. I mean I wasnt slow before but both my efficiency and speed have gone through the roof. And he will work with your race plan and it wont affect it at all!!!

    Others my disagree but thats my opinion. If you go with the company and they go back to basics, my fear would be that racing Triathlon would be pointless this year... so I would wait until this season is over, start in October nail the technique over winter and you will be swimming like Phelps in no time:) Do it through the season and youll be swimming like Eric 'the eel' Moussambani lol:)
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    The Swim Therapy session is well worth the money.My good lady wife stumped up the cash for me to have a go,I think she was embarressed that the Japanese whaling fleet followed me around the swim course.
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I'm just ringing up to book a session now, how long was the session you went for jon?
  • jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    TommiTri wrote:

    I'm just ringing up to book a session now, how long was the session you went for jon?

    Hi Tommi the session went on for about 1hr 20m which incuded discussion with the one to one instructor,analysis on why I should have theoretically not drowned myself,what to do next.They do give you a 'dvd' which is more of a cd.They advised that I should go back after a couple of months,but that was it ,no pressure and no why have you not come back yet.Good value for money.
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