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availble now on ebay

Alloy 7046 tubing with....... Pro-Lite Giovanni Carbon fork. Campagnolo Xenon 10 speed groupset. Pro-Lite Como wheels. Pro-Lite Comfort Saddle. Pro-lite Racing seatpost. Pro-Lite Racing stem. Pro-Lite Racing handlebars. Pro-Lite bottle cage. Pro-Lite Cork bar tape. Flat pedals.

ebay tri and run racing bike


  • I have placed an pening bid....I live in London, if i were to win i'd need to meet at a suitable location and ride the bike to make sure it is ok?? Would this sound ok to you??
  • yea that shouldn't be a problem mate, where abouts in london are you????
  • Hello mate, just been to the shop in Tri and run and sat on the same bike brand new (54cm) and its too small. I thought it was the correct size but abviously not!! Anything we can do to withdraw my bid??

    Sorry mate.
  • leigh35leigh35 Posts: 28
    did you win the bike on Ebay?If so drop me a mail [[email protected]][email protected][/email] I know someone who would probably buy this from you if un wanted for the price paid on ebay £279, please do so asap as he is about to order the same bike sometime this weekend


  • leigh35leigh35 Posts: 28
    Sorry mate too late he has just placed the order
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