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Cycle Leicester to Wales + Race the Train August 2008


This ride might tickle your fancy if you want to push yourself over the edge of sanity; or get some hard training in, or even just because it sounds like fun.

I am currently planning two days of cycling. It will start somewhere in Leicester travelling to Cannock, between Shrewsbury and Oswestry and finishing in Snowdonia National Park for the race the train (14 mile run). This will include two days cycling , including an overnight stay near Shrewsbury and tywyn, we will be aiming to cycle between 80-90 miles per day.

If you read this and aren’t interested in the ride or maybe have something else planned on 14-15-16 August. I would be grateful if you can help planning the course by suggesting any good routes you may know that could link this ride together between Leicester and Tywyn.

Who fancies their chances against a steam train?

This is a 14-mile challenge that has been running since 1983. The runners start on the bridge next to the railway in Tywyn, run the first mile through town and then across country and along farm tracks to Abergynolwyn, and back to town, ending up in the school yard. Sometimes, the only thing that separates the runners from the railway is a bit of a fence.

We need to book early for the race the train to avoid disappointment. I appreciate there will be many other factors each person needs to consider such as personal life, sports events, summer holidays etc.

If running is not for you then that is fine! You can just simply relax. After all, you will have just cycled to Wales!!!


This will depend on the number of people who want to actually do it? We will split the cost between us.

Let me know ASAP whether you can make it,

Kieran Grundy

[[email protected]][color=#0000ff][email protected][/color][/email]

Mob: 07816613434
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