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1/2 IM brick sessions

I've (hopefully) built up my a good fitness base and want to get more technical...

What do you Boys and Gals recommend for 1/2 IM brick sessions? I have slightly boggy calfs/tendons which at the slightest sniff of speed work play-up so I after more endurance type sessions for the run.

For the event (Vitruvian) I am looking to complete it in:

Swim 35mins

Cycle 2:30hrs

Run 2:00hrs

Finish target 5:15hrs - bear in mind I've never done one before so may be over ambitious:-)


  • MGMG Posts: 470
    Thats not ambitious at all my friend, think positive!!

    I maybe on my own here but I dont dtoo many brick sessions but heres a few that I have done recently,

    25mile bike TT followed by 8-10 mile run

    40mile hilly bike followed by 6 - 8 mile run

    55mile bike (race pace) followed by 6 mile run

    I dont really concentrate too hard on brick sessions, I maybe do 1 a week, tops. I prefer to do a long bike or a long run on its own and concentrate on quality rather than quantity.

    Use these bricks to find a good nutrition strategy.

    Make sure you do a few stand alone long runs to build run endurance.

  • bunongbunong Posts: 49
    Thanks MG. Its difficult to know what pace to set as individually I can go quicker especially on the bike but you need to hold something back for later in the race hence the times. I have dreams of smilling as I run past people who are dying in the last 3 or so miles - is that bad... Maybe it will be me being run past - that is bad!

    Anyway, I was think along similar lines to you. I thought that as the race is long a few seconds lost getting the legs into running mode is not that critical. I already do long rides on there own, and the runs are getting longer - both are strictly in Zone 3 and feel very comfortable. I will probably do one brick every two weeks I think I will go for 25M ride, 30min run both at race pace. For OD I did 15min bike, 10min run, 15min bike, 10min run.

    What HR do you race at? I was thinking high end of zone 3 for the whole race??
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