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Tri help for a beginner

I will soon be entering my first tri and have been looking for something to wear. I found one of these


Do you swim, cycle and run in this or is it just one of the outfits you need?? Dont want to look like a idiot and jump in the pool with something on that i shouldnt.


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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314

    this is the ideal outfit to wear in races. If its a wetsuit swim, you put it on underneath the wetsuit.

    there is some padding in these things, so you can ride in them and the padding is not huge, so you can keep the suit on to run without looking as if you run with a diaper on[;)].

    It's faster and easier in transition, so I'd get one to race if I were you.

    Don't know about prices though?? You get a race suit for free in most triathlon clubs.

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    so i wont get any weird looks for deciding to jump in the pool and swim in it. i have looked into club tri, been a club cyclist but left due to the politics and cycle for myself now.
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    You wont be the only one wearing it. Just make sure it fits nicely.
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