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A Bike - Where do i start!?!

Hi all,

New to the forum, so firstly hello all!

I'm currently in training for the Ldn Marathon, this will be my third now so fancy getting into something a little different. Was thinking about a tri. It just so happens that my friends are trying to get me to join them on a Ldn to Paris bike ride. I was thinking this would be a great chance to get my cycling up to scratch for a Tri. So the problem that lies ahead for me is a bike. I don’t own one! Now I am not made of money and have no idea about bikes, sizes etc. So need some help. What sort of bike should I be looking for? Size (I’m, 5’10”)? Special requirements? Where can I find cheap bikes? Second hand? Etc etc Hoping that someone can help me. Cheers Minguez


  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    I would reccomend a 54cm frame if your going for a Tri/TT bike and if your getting a road bike either and 54cm or 56cm.you might be able to find a bargin on www.wiggle.co.uk , they have loads to choose from.
  • If you are wanting to ride in a pack from London to Paris then I would recommend a traditional road bike rather than a tri bike. Riding in a pack on your tri bars is dangerous, which is why tri-bars are heavily regulated in draft-legal triathlons. And why they are banned in cycle races. Most amateur triathletes ride road bikes with tri-bars fitted, so they can take them off for pack training. A TT/tri bike is a pretty specialized machine and if you want one I would advise you to wait until you have more cycling and racing experience, and know exactly what you want.

    I agree with the poster above that you should have a look at Wiggle. Their Focus range is excellent value for money.

    Others to look at are Specialized, Giant, Bianchi and Trek. All do bikes in the £400ish price range.

    You won't get a "proper" new sports bike for less than this, but you might find more for your money on Ebay. I would strongly recommend collecting in person and paying cash on collection, to avoid scams and make sure the bike is as described.

    I ride a 2nd hand Giant TCR which I got for £350. It has done 1000s of miles and an Ironman and until I'm rich I don't intend to change!

    Good luck

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