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I sit here drinking a glass of red wine going over completing my first triathlon yesterday at Wattisham.

I really enjoyed it and as mentioned in past forums I think I am now hooked!!!!

I just wanted to thank those of you who have parted with your knowledge and wisdom over the past four months. Although I haven't actively taken part in this forum, I am a regular visitor.

I did manage to break a few rules though.

- tried a new 'energy' drink on race day which gave me the 'tom tits'

- went off too fast in the swim

To name a few.

I will not forget the sheer joy at bombing down the runway at great speed only to turn back for the return up hill climb in a force 9 gale!!!

My times were

6:15 for 300m swim

41:42 for 20km bike

19:36 for 5km run

Thanks again
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