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Like many who have used this forum I am attempting my first triathlon (sprint) in April. My only concern is the transition stages as I have never seen this part of a race. Would applying talc to my never regions after towelling dry be too much!!!!!

Has any got any hints/'techniques' they would like to share.


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    Some good advice from Dan above. Mine is briefer!

    No - do not apply talc!

    Do not towel yourself dry!

    Do not get changed!

    Do not wear socks!

    Wear the same thing for each discipline, preferably a trisuit (one or two piece), but if you don't want to fork out then just a pair of shorts. You can throw on a t-shirt in T1 if you don;t have a tri vest.

    Plan and visualize your transition, and keep it very, very simple.

    This is my routine:

    T1: Helmet, shoes, glasses, go.

    T2: Helmet off, shoes on, go.

    Why make it harder than it needs to be? [:)]

    Good luck

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    PatchPatch Posts: 11

    You've given me some useful pointers.

    wish me luck!!
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    I was lucky enough to find a orca basics tri suit on ebay for £26 delivered, although i am not sure it will look family friendly from the front if you catch my drift![:)] May have to invest in some speedos to retain the offending member.

    Does anyone else suffer from looking like lynford christy in a tri suit??
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    If its a sprint you'll easily get away with the minimum, buy a tri suit, they look a bit borat but who cares its not a catwalk! Its very liberating getting out the water and not having to get changed!!! but......

    Ultimately, do what ever makes you feel right. race yourself ,do your best under YOUR conditions.

    most dont have the bottle to do it! your in the minority, thats something to be proub of.

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    pigletpiglet Posts: 86
    One other tip- in the swim wear 2 caps. Put one on then your goggles then your second cap over- two advantages- keeps your head warmer if water is cold and keeps your goggles from being knocked off accidentally by other competitors. If only wearing one cap put goggles on under it for more security. I find the 2 caps work as I have long hair and the goggle straps get caught up in it. You guys with short hair wouldn't have this problem.

    At my last Tri several people had buckets of water at their station- it was a beach swim and we had to run over sand and dirt after the swim- so feet in bucket then on towel and into shoes- sand and grit can play havoc on tender skin!!

    Hope this helps[:D]
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    FlavadaveFlavadave Posts: 749
    Posted on wrong thread, DOH!
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    BlurredgirlBlurredgirl Posts: 292
    Does anyone else suffer from looking like lynford christy in a tri suit??

    Bring it on[:)]

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