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I have entered my first Triathlon!

Hi All....

There you go I have finally done it..entered my first Tri! Please can anyone advise me on anything..... This is a whole new world!



  • Hi, it's a new world to me too - doing my first tri in May, so I will be interested to hear how you get on.
  • chischis Posts: 94
    Hi Tom and SuperCaz

    Welcome to a fantastic sport!! You will no doubt get loads of tips on this forum about what bike to buy, what trainers to wear, what to do about breathing on the swim etc. etc. - all of it good no doubt. My advice at this stage, whether you are ultra competitve or just in it to finish your event, is to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy what is truly a magnificent sport - great variety of activities and a chance to meet some great people.

    Once your hooked thats it!! You will wake up thinking about triathlon and go to sleep thinking about it - by heck that sounds a bit sad! Enjoy!!

  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    No chis, that doesn't sound sad at all; triathlon is a powerfull drug, you get hooked easily, with only healthy side-effects in it. Of course your partners will nag about your costy hobby from now on, but hey, thats the only negative thing I can think of[8D][:D].

    Tom and Supercaz(and all others), you've choosen a sport that's actually a way of life. You will see and meet some interesting peoples and places, you probably will even meet and learn to know alot more about yourselves and what you are made off. May your triathlon-life be an enjoyable and fullfilling one.

    As for info and tips; there's a whole forum full of that stuff here. And your specific questions will be answered as good as possible by all people here.


  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    There are lots of threads on here of the "first timer", "first bike" and "help me, I'm drowning" type.

    Here's one: http://forum.220magazine.com/tm.asp?m=9447&mpage=1&key=

    Now.... which Tri have you entered? Where, when, what distances? Also, what's your previous experience in swimming, cycling and running, if any at all.

    Finally, another 'Welcome' to this sport. My first tri of the year is a little sprint event in May, and I'm already excited about it! I love the atmosphere, the sense of fun and dedication, the support and encouragement you get from just about everybody, being surrounded by like-minded fit and healthy people. It's all good!

    Now I'm all fired up about tonight's run, so thanks for that!
  • Hi Tom,

    I know its been said before but triathlon is like no other sport and like most of us you will soon be hooked! I played pro football until i was 20 but i never had the same passion i have for triathlon!!!

    I'm 29 now and my only regret is.....I didn't find triathlon sooner!

    I cant wait for the season to start.

    My only advice would simply be, enjoy it!

  • I too am i newby to the sport.....started training to lose weight and get fitter but have become obsessed just by training!! Cant wait for my first event, entered the Thames Turbo Series Race 2 and will prob enter more, looking at the Eton race and have already entered the London Tri Olympic Distance.

    It is addictive and kind of takes over..but in a good way. The only thing i am concerned about in the Cycling, know idea what is a good time, i can swim the 1500m in approx 32mins, run the 10K in 48 mins but not sure what a decent bike leg is???? any ideas???

    Hopefully get to meet some of you at the events

  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980

    You'll get lots of different answers on what is a 'good' time for 40km on the bike. Be warned, there are some dangerously committed cyclists lurking around here!

    I always thought 1:30 is a good point to aim for as a beginner, with 1:15 being the big target - an average 20mph. Then, there's 1:10 - where I am at the moment (21.4mph) - and I expect it to be a slooow grind to get my times down to the magic hour (25 mph). If ever.

    This probably sounds a bit soft to some of the guys on this forum. There are hard-cases here who can keep up speeds of almost 30 mph for the duration of the Olympic distance.

    Looking at the results from London last year, which is a good idea if you're looking for some ideas on what you're up against (or rather, who you're in it together with!) I'd say your swim and run times suggest that the 1:15 target is within reach.

    Stick 5 minutes in for transitions and you're on for a 2:40 time, which is not too shabby at all, sir!

    Remember, London is months away yet, so knock at least 5% off everything because of all the extra training yet to come, and you'll be heading for the magic 2:30!
  • For me, a good time is any time, as that means that I managed to make it over the finish line. That's my aim for my first tri.

    And I don't care if I am last. I've been last in running events before and came over the finish line to the loudest cheer that I have ever heard, and I don't expect any less from triatheletes.
  • Many thanks for your help guys. I started to complete...now want to compete, am about to sign up with the Team SAUK TRI. Not sure if anybody knows it, full of Saffers apparently with some good oterh nationalities too. If KP can do it for English Cricket i could do it for triathlon!

    Thanks for some timings.....hopefully will break the 2hr 30 mark.

  • Goodluck Tom and enjoy it! I hope it's one of many you will participate in!
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