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loose shoes.

Having got very wet today..decided to invest in winter boot style cycle shoes (?)..anyone know how Diadora sizes comeup...is a 43 a small 43 or a large 43? similarly shimano bearing in mind thick winter socks will also be worn...


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    My experience with Diadora is that they are small fitting, (that was some time ago) anyway I had a really cool pair of Diadora shoes and was suffering from ingrown toenails, a cycling doctor pointed out that the Diadors were the culprits, he advised Sidi as they have "an inbuilt foot swell tolerance" - for want of a better term! He was quite right.

    Having said that I now use Shimano for tri (huge toe box) and adidas for my Dolomite cycling trips (lighter) but continue with Sidi for everyday road biking

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