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Another Tri Virgin!

Hi iam doing my first soo one but have done team ones before it is a real buzz so enjoy it.

what i would say is that transitions are reay hectic at the events and people dont care who they trample on to get out so be organised and strong


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    Hi all

    After years of athletics and rugby ive decided to throw myself into the deep end (no pun intended) and start competing in Tri's.

    As a complete beginner, any advice/tips would be appreciated. My running is ok, just purchased a 2nd hand TREK1000 and have a pool at work. As swimming is my weakest discipline (i think mostly due to technique) i would like to know what would be a realistic start to training?

    Also, if theres anyone in the Gloucestershire area who would like a bike buddy, drop us a line!!

    Cheers in advance
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    Thanks for that...ive been told that transitions are like Tescos on a saturday afternoon!
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    Hi cuke,

    I've only done 1 season myself but know more than i would have expected by now! this time last year i could swim a mile in around 40mins but after some technique classes and bloody mindedness i shaved my time down to 27mins which I'm guessing would be middle of the field, although i could be wrong! A technique class is a must in my humble opinion.

    Having had athletics experience I'm sure your running will take care if its self.

    Cycling? you probably know more than me (most people do!!).... My weakest leg, enough said!!!

    What part of gloucestershire are you in? I'm in north Bristol.


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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Hi cuke,

    transition actually is one of my favourite parts of the race. I love it when a lot of people get nervous over nothing, while I just chill through it. Be prepared and stay cool. This will get you past transition a lot faster than strassing about it!


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    Thanks for the advice, i am really looking forward to it!

    Bristol Newbie - i am in Gloucester, so not too far for a spin.

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