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london based volunteers wanted

Volunteers Wanted[/b]


Triathletes are needed to participate in a research study. Volunteers should be healthy male triathletes aged 18 to 38. London based athletes preferable, as no funding is available to subsidise travel.

Volunteers will be required to undertake 4 separate testing periods. These will involve combinations of running on a treadmill for a set period of time, running to exhaustion, cycling on a cycle for a set period of time and cycling to exhaustion, whilst data is collected. During the testing periods blood samples will be taken from the fingertip, and inspired and expired air will be collected, which involves wearing a sterilised facemask or mouthpiece. Before testing participants are required to sign informed consent forms and complete a medical screening questionnaire.

Participants will receive FREE[/b] physiological testing, and feedback.

The Data Protection Act (1998) is strictly adhered to and all testing is carried out under the utmost confidentiality.

If interested or have any queries please contact me via the details below ASAP[/b].


Ellie Parker (PhD student)

Email: e[email=e_l_parker@hotmail.co.uk]_l_parker@hotmail.co.uk[/email]

Telephone: 0207 911 5000. Extension: 2820
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