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Turbo Trainers......

Evening everyone

Living in london i am limited to what kind of training i can do on the bike! I do a couple of spinning classes in the gym but find them often too short or not even pushing myself hard enough!

How many of you have Turbo trainers ? Do you find them very useful ?

My flat in london has a big balcony so this will give me the space to train at least 2-3 times a week and push myself to the limit.




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    MGMG Posts: 470
    I've been using a turbo for about 3 years now and find them ideal for max out sessions, ie sessions that youd be all over the road doing outside!!!! They can get a bit boring, but if you have a good imagination and an Mp3 player, you can easily do 1 or even 2 hrs on a turbo.

    Alternativly you can use a Spinervals DVD, these are somewhat like a spin class but you use your bike and follow the instructions of 'Coach Troy'. I've just started to use these and they are awesome and give you a damn hard workout if you push it!!!![:'(][:D]

    All you need for a trouble free turbo session is a :-

    A towel (you'l sweat buckets!!)

    A fan (cool you down)

    Plenty of fluid

    Mp3 player or stereo

    (and if you have one) a heart rate monitor (so you know how hard your working!!!!)

    hope this helps you, GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!

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