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New wheelset

Can anyone recommend a decent wheelset that I can upgrade to from my current Mavic Open Sport Pros? Looking to spend up to £500/pair and they will be used mainly for duathlons and TTs and possibly long distance events. I'd love a pair of all singing all dancing carbon tubs but there are too many moths in my wallet!

I'm 90kg, 6ft4 and quite a powerful rider. At least at the speed I go through components I must be!

Any advice appreciated



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    pigsy65pigsy65 Posts: 25
    Take a look at HED Jet (clincher) or the Stinger (tubs), They are about £599 and come in 50,60 and 90 cm, they are very light for the price.

    If they are good enough for Chrissie Wellington to win Kona IM......

    planet X are worth a look too.
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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I think you should do your reseach and see what you can get for the 500 quid. The lighter and the more aero the better but these wheels cost lots. Given your budget go for lightness and see what light wheels you can get for your price - best stay to the old faithfuls ... Camag, Mavic or ty FRM Aerolites. Also have you thought about a finance deal 500 is a good deposit and 30 per month is not that much .... so you could get a set of Zipps404. Unashamed advert coming up try slanecycles.com for A GREAT DEAL - better to phone
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