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Newbie Goggle Problems

I'm in my first winter of Tri training and having a nightmare trying to find a pair of goggles to fit.

I've bought 3 pairs & tried another 9 or 10. I've got the Speedo & Zoggs pairs recommended (mid range) in 220Tri.

All suffer the same problem -leaking water into the right eye. Every pair I try suction beautifully to the left but hopeless to the right.

I don't think I've got an odd shaped face/head!!!!

Anyone had a similar problem & if so recommend a flexible pair that might fit.

Looking forward to Thames Turbo 1 and my first event. Hopefully I won't have to swim with one eye closed.


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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    I had the same problem and I think a lot of other people too. Just keep looking until you find one; go to a store where you can try them on before you buy. If you find one that really fits, buy a lot of them.

    I had one particular type that worked for me, until they stopped making them, so I had to go searching AGAIN. After another handfull of brands, I've found one now that really works for me and I've bought three of them. When I throw one away, I buy a new one immediatly, so I have some stock left.

    I think you might try some of the bigger models, the ones for open water. I use Speedo Active Multiseal now, looks like an idiot, but keeps the water where it should be.
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    I have similar problems.... have to keep on looking until you get some that work. I reckon that between us all we must have a fairly good selection of goggles which have all been used only once....

    Try some of the Aquasphere goggles. The Seal XP has a large rubber surround about the size of a small mask, with normal goggles inset into it. As it happens, they don't fit me, but I know a lot of triathletes swear by them, especially for open water where they are very hard to kick off.

    I use Aquasphere Kaimans, which are wider goggles for good peripheral vision. They're made of a very soft rubber which feels a bit sticky. I'm on my third pair now, and I intend to stick with them for as long as you can buy them.
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    BARNYBARNY Posts: 157
    Warning to using Aquspere Seal xp and all those face mask type deisgned goggles -

    DOnt mix using them with putting suncream on your face....they slide away from positon and start leaking or at very least being very anoying! I dont touch that style anymore.

    For me Zoggs predator are the winner - Zogg's anti mist is the most effective in my experience too.
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    Many thanks to Bopomofo & Barney.

    Both the Zoggs Preditor & Seal XP goggles you recommended work a treat.

    The sheer joy of swimming with both eyes open is something to behold!!!!

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    Hi there,

    I had loads of trouble with this and I don't think my face is too odd (others may disagree but please don't tell me!)

    I now use Tyr RaceTech and they are great - Aquasphere are also really good and stay on your face without the strap as the suction is so good. I do find these put pressure on my nose though (NO COMMENTS ABOUT THAT EITHER THANKS!)

    Anyway, best of luck and I would agree that once you find a pair, stick to them

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