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Has anyone suffered anything like the following:-

I have suffered lower abdominal discomfort for around 5 weeks (at the top of the pubic line on the right hand side - sorry for the detail). I definately suffered this during the final leg of a run-bike-run brick (90 mins).

It felt like a stitch at first (but obviously lower down) and I stopped after 5 mins when it continued. I was able to carry on training the next day just feeling a little sore in that spot.

Since then everytime I've run it's got steadly more painful (but still only at discomfort levels) with little impact on performance but is sore afterwards for several days.

I can bike & swim train at maximum effort with no reaction.

I stopped running 3 weeks ago and it's eased off but is still there if I try and run.

I thought it maybe a hernia but there's no lump etc although my GP has referred me to a consultant in a couple of weeks.

I've heard of muscle pinch when the stomach muscles are tensed for a lengthy period. Anyone suffered something similar?

I'm desperate to get the Mizuno's on again and any training time missed seems like a disaster at the moment after really putting it in over the winter for my first season in Tri.

Sorry for the long post & thanks for bothering to read it.


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