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Turbo Trainers

Looking at investing in a turbo in the post season sales, any advice on decent mid to high range units and any to steer clear of.



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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    My only advice would be, spend a good amount of money and get a fluid one.

    By good amount I mean 120ish, maybe u to 140 if you can.

    The reason is, mag trainers - what you get for sub 120 are great, but they are noisy as hell and they don't really offer progressive resistance, and so i find they really aren't that much like the road!

    Also its worth making a good investment on this, because you will probably use it a lot over the winter in this country, and it should last you a long time with good care.

    Your family members will appreciate it if you get a quieter one, trust me!
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    Free WillyFree Willy Posts: 63
    I used to have a Minoura Mag trainer and it did sound like a Jumbo Jet! It lasted around 5 years before really it died, had to replace flywheel and eventually the remote changer broke so it was stuck in 'bloody tough'.

    I have recently bought a Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer (Fluid) and found this to be far far better than others I have tried/used, I am using the trainer 3 times a week (up to 3 hours at a time) as its winter here! and this is something I would not have done on the old trainer. The unit is quite 'industrial' but this does mean that I can get out of the seat without fear of it tipping over, the noise level is not too bad although I am going to change rear tyre for a trainer tyre to hopefully reduce the noise a little bit more, I can still hear the Spinervals DVDs on my laptop so it cannot be too noisy.

    The 2 links below show the trainer in action, it is weird the first time you get on but then it feels great - I could not say that about my old trainer



    If I could stop the 'flood' that occurs when using the trainer then I would not get soo much grief from my wife about the mess!

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    learnerlearner Posts: 100
    I am banished to the garage with my old trax trainer, i would say it's very noisey (is that how you spell it).

    How much do you hate that guy in the video, "perfect cycling form" HE'S WEARING SANDLES........git.

    I stretch a towel between handlebars and under the nose of the saddle to catch my sweat, maybe that will keep your wife from giving you grief.

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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Also if you do get a trainer get the special continental hometrainer tyre with it, it is superb, and reduces so much of the noise and vibration

    it also stops all the shredding of your normal tyres!
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    BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    I teach spinning classes & get paid to sweat on someone elses floor.
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    Free WillyFree Willy Posts: 63
    Already have the 'sweat catcher' but when I do a 3 hour session I feel a bit like Noah as there is not a towel that can cope.

    I think my wife would find something else to give me grief about if this was resolved! No she is a wonderful person and is a great support crew when it comes to IM etc ( I would call her my bike bitch, but that is just asking for trouble). As long as I sluice the floor down (we have tiles) I am fairly safe!


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    BoycieBoycie Posts: 189
    Just to add to this, i am also looking at getting a turbo trainer. Do any of them for a decent price incorparate a power meter? I've had a quick look around but not seen anything yet.

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    Free WillyFree Willy Posts: 63
    I can get a computer for my kinetic trainer


    I have yet to get this passed by the finance director as my Tri budget is apparently already far in excess of what it should be (NOT my opinion), I think the entry to IMUK plus flights etc was the last purchase for a while! It did not help I did this a week after entering IMNZ for next year!

    I am not sure what the problem is, I mean what is a holiday if it does not have an IM during it? and if your there you may as well do it!

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    djtvdjtv Posts: 28
    I use a Fluid2 from Cyclops (Saris) available through Wiggle for around £140 http://www.wiggle.co.uk/p/Cycle/7/CycleOps_Fluid2_Trainer/5360019997/

    Works really well and is quiet, You can get the standard kit Mat/Riser/Seat guard for it quite easily as well.

    It is quiet and portable so I can take it outside and use it on the terrace if I want to. There was a free TT Training DVD that came with it which I like.
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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    I like learners comments "banished to the garage", that sounds just like me lol.

    I have an Elite Mag, and yes it is good, but as stated earlier quite noisey. So if you can afford it go for fluid

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