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Yet another HRM post

Sorry but need to tap into your experience re HRM.

Firstly I'm after a reasonably priced, reliable HRM with the following qualities:-

- Run time, speed, HR, distance, zone alerts

- Bike as above with cadence

Want the facility to download onto laptop for analysis and record keeping.

I've looked back over this forum and many recommendations are made. I'm considering the Garmin Forerunner 50 with HRM, foot pod & cadence unit for bike (about £140 all in) or the Garmin 305 with the cadence pod (approx 200).

Any views, advice etc. Especially one's to avoid. Thanks.


  • trijunkerstrijunkers Posts: 55
    I assume you're talking about the forerunner 305. It's excellent but it's very much aimed at runners, in which regard it's superb. I wouldn't bother with the foot pod unless you really feel the need to count your strides. The real time data provided whilst running is just superb and the display is very clear. The data download to your PC/Mac provides good quality data to analyse over time, but the mapping and other comparative analysis is very poor. I think there are various bits of third party software you can find which improves things though so I wouldn't worry to much about this. When you're running though it's a great bit of kit. Buy it from amazon where it's by far the cheapest.

    Avoid Polar - I've had the CS200CAD (for the bike) for the last year and it's fine until the battery runs out on the speed sensor at which time you've got to buy a new unit as the battery in the sensor is irreplacable (what a con!). Also the heart rate pick up is patchy at the best of times. Have just upgraded to the garmin edge 305 for the bike - if you ask me GPS monitors are the future for tri junkies!

    Good luck!
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