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I realise this perhaps should be on the events forum but as few people seem to read it I've stuck it here.

Blenheim Sprint Questions for Sunday - answers not in official bumf

1. Can you take your wetsuit off immediately on exiting the water and BEFORE the 400m uphill to T1?

2. How many laps on the bike. I think it's 3 pls confirm

3. How many laps on the run. Think 2 pls confirm

4. Anyone recommend a decent viewing position for swim and then bike/run for family etc

Many thanks


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    grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262

    I have not raced at Blenheim, but I am on Sunday. I asked some friends at my Tri Club pretty much the same questions as you have here...

    1. Yes, I plan to do the same, also I have been told the road leading up to T1 is cobbled so be careful as it very slippery when wet.

    2. 3, defiantly, it does mention it in the race pack, but elsewhere it says two, thus the reason I asked.

    3. 2, No confusion their, defiantly in race pack

    4. Sorry can't help on this one, as I said above, this will be my first Blenheim as well.

    What wave you in? I'm in 10:40, give me a wave, i'll be at the back!!

    Good luck, it's gonna be real fun...
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    Hi Harlow

    The answers are:

    1. Yes, you can. I just pulled the suit down to my waist but there is nothing to stop you from unsuiting at teh water exit once you're clear of the gangplank and then running up to T1 carrying the wetsuit.

    2. Yes, 3

    3. Yes, 2

    4. For the swim, they can stand on the bank just above the swim assembly area. It slopes down towards the lake and gives a good view. They can also see you as you run up the 400m route to T1. After the swim they can easily wander over to the bike route, which is only a couple of hundred metres away - there's more than enough time to do this while you're in T1. The run section also starts a few metres from there - in all, they shouldn't ever need to go more than 200m from Transition in order to watch you.



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    Many thanks for the replies.

    I'm starting at 1300 so with your earlier start you'll be in the beer tent by the time I stagger past.[;)]
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    mattymatty Posts: 37
    Hi both, Am also doing Blenheim good luck to both. Am off at ten

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    honchohoncho Posts: 23
    good luck at blenheim,i will be there as a spectator,next year is scheduled for my first event so i will be picking up tips on Sunday.
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    Hi - I am also there on Saturday doing my first Blenheim (but not first tri!). I am in at 13.15, so will see you on the bike leg!!

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    roofgimproofgimp Posts: 5
    Hi I am doing Blenheim too for my first tri - dreading the swim and I am carrying a knee injury but i am determined to do it!

    Good luck to everybody and wave at me as I am starting at the back on the 10.40 start on Sunday!
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    bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    Now I really hope you wear another swim cap than the one in your pic[:D]

    You should really shave/wax man[8D]![;)]
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    lowther76lowther76 Posts: 74
    Good luck to every1 taking part at Blenheim this wknd!! I start in the 1pm wave....[&:]
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    roofgimproofgimp Posts: 5
    yes i was thinking about shaving, i think i lost at least 10 minutes at Blenheim this weekend because of the facial hair and dodgy swim cap!
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    Hey Lowther - I was in the 1pm wave. Hope you weren't the guy I swam over or any of the 10 who swam over me[:(]

    I was gutted to miss my target time by 6 seconds (1.30.05) but how hot and hilly ([:@]) was the run.

    Great event but got myself sun burnt in the shape of my Tri Top for the priviledge.
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    dougaldougal Posts: 3
    Great i am not the only one with the embbarrassing tan. Loved the race 1.30.35, would have cracked 1.30 if it wasnt for the wobbly run out of the swim up that hill!!![:)]
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    lowther76lowther76 Posts: 74
    Well done lads - god knows what i was doing in the swim!! It may well have been me. Also have a tri top tan!! [:'(]

    I decided to wear my own cap then goggles then Blenheim Cap on top. Then when i got out to the start i changed my mind as too hot! Palmed my own cap to a canoeist - not the easiest thing to do treading water in the middle of a start line up. Resulted in my goggles being steamed up and me being stressed out!! Ended up doing breast stroke all the way down to the super sprint buoy before i sorted myself out and got into crawl and a rythmn. Gained some time back but annoyed cause could have got a good swim time. Oh well.

    Bike went very well and transitions were ok apart from me running in the opposite direction out of T2 cause i didnt know where i was going!

    Also wish i had put socks on under my trainers as 1/2 mile in blood started to appear out the bak of my right heel and it made for a very painful 3 miles.

    Finished in 1:25.43 so pretty happy as 1st tri but plan to do better next time! [:)]
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    Hudson23Hudson23 Posts: 1
    I am 32 and haven't done any proper swimming since I was 14, I have never done anything more than cycle to work or run for a bus. After a disappointing swim I completed the sprint in 1.52. Despite this I had a brilliant time. My wife wants me to do another triathlon as soon as possible as she had such a good time just coming to watch. The problem is I don't think anywhere else can compare as a venue. The designers of the house and grounds must have had triathlons in mind.

    I have been training for the swim since November but nothing prepared me for swimming in a lake with loads of people. As a result I did a certain amount of breaststroke which I hadn't practiced for, so now my knees don't work. On of them already has a staple in as it is. One triathlon in and I am falling apart.
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    grant1974grant1974 Posts: 262
    Blenheim was a great event in spite of my rubbish run! I really wasn't prepared for it being so hot.

    So I managed 01:40:02, but I really enjoyed the day so it's not all bad, bring on London!!
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    Sounds like you had a nightmare so rather depressing that you still beat me by almost 5 mins!!!!!

    Well done mate
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    JasonBJasonB Posts: 303
    One of the best organised Tris I have done. Loved it.

    I was i the first heat chasing down the Pros. I threw up in the lake, so chilled for about 3 mins whilst sorting myself out.

    I came 409th in Lake, about 1500 on bike, then about last on the run lol. I am exactly average according to there times. I came in at 1:40:00:00

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    lowther76lowther76 Posts: 74
    Cheers Harlow Yellow,

    Yeah i did have a mare but its all experience i guess!! Was a bit disappointed not to get in under 1:20 which is what i had planned on but hey.

    I would also like to thank all organise and everyone that was there to help out - a superb day. Oh and of course a big thanks to all those random supportes that cheered from the sidelines and helped keep my legs turning! [:)]
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