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Cannondale Slice Carbon 105

I'm just waiting on the latest launch of my companies Ride2Work scheme to make the most of the tax savings to buy a decent bike.

I really fancy the Cannondale Slice Carbon 105.

Anyone got any thoughts on the brand, model both positive or negative?

Anyone recommend an alternative for the £1500 burning a hole in my pocket? (Bike alternative that is!!!)


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    This is the best value tri/TT bike you can buy. The frame is excellent, the 105 groupset, the finish kit and wheels are good, but are upgradable. In short you get an excellent bike that can be built into a better bike at an excellent price. You would have to pay significantly more to get a better bike. Buy it
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    Hey -Biased here, having just bought a Cannondale SuperSix in Feb.

    I think they are superb bikes - as mentioned by treefrog, the frame is superb and the components and wheels are solid.

    Having bought the roadbike, I have my first IM (UK) in Sept and if it goes well, I'm telling myself I'll go the a Cannondale Slice in the New Year. A bit Tri Nuts at the minute, so this could wear off - better for the bank balance if it did!!

    I know this goes against supporting your local shop, but I got my SuperSix in New York at a fraction of the price. It was worth the airfare and hotel alone!

    Look forward to hearing feedback on those who own the Slice and your own if you go for it!

    Best of luck.

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    Thanks guys (gals?)

    Now I really can't wait to order my Slice.
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Don't want to worry you, Harlow, but in general the cycle to work schemes are only allowed to buy bikes up to £1000, unless your company has made some special arrangements with the regulatory authorities.

    I think £1000 is the limit agreed by the tax man. Above that, you have to get the FSA involved and get your own credit broker licence.

    Worth checking?
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    Your right Bopomofo. I'm going to get the credit card out for the remaining 500.
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Sorry, Harlow.... you're not allowed to 'top-up' the value of the credit letter you get from cycle 2 work. It is effectively paying a deposit. The total purchase price of bike and safety equipment cannot come to more then £1000 under the standard credit licence exemption.


    I've heard of a few people get away with it by having some components downgraded to get the price below £1000, then coming to an agreement with the bike shop to re-purchase the decent bits separately and sell the lower quality stuff back, but it is hard to do.

    Believe me, I've looked into this extensively. If it were at all possible I'd be behind you in the queue for a Slice.[:(] My employer uses the Halford's scheme, who have recently STOPPED dealing with Planet-X so I can't get my hands on a Stealth, either. They will deal with Wiggle, though, so the Focus Izalco Tria is in range - it got a great review in 220. Or, you might be able to get a Cannondale CAAD 9, although I think the RRP is above £1000. On the Halford's scheme I'm also still waiting to find out what the reviews say about their own carbon framed bike.
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    Thanks for your detailed advice. It triggered me to look at last years FAQ's re my company R2W scheme and I found this.

    [color=#000000]Can I buy a more expensive bike than my voucher amount?[/color]

    Yes. You need to use your own card or cash to make up the difference when you purchase the bike. The extra amount will not be part of your salary sacrifice. You should remember that the bike remains the property of the MPA, irrespective of the price paid.

    Seems to be at odds with how your's is run. I await this years scheme & conditions with interest on this subject. My company uses Evans and I know they have renewed that relation for the launch of this years rolling 5 year scheme to go live in the immediate future (should have been last week but no news)
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Woah! Hang on! You've prompted me to look again at the FAQs for my employer's scheme and they've changed.

    It used to say "You are also not allowed to top up over the Letter of Collection"

    It NOW says "You are also not allowed to top up over the Letter of Collection, if under £1000"

    So... I can't get a £500 voucher and buy a £600 bike, but I can do exactly what you suggest, and use a £1000 voucher for a £1500 bike.

    Sorry for the duff information. I am genuinely pleased you asked the question. And I think we have also both confirmed, via the wise words of Sir Treefrog, the Patron Saint of High Performance Cycling Hardware, that the Cannondale Slice is a great place to park your buttocks. (Actually we've covered the Slice in another thread somewhere.)

    Cheers Harlow and Frog! I am now in my happy place.
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    BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    OK. I have done some more digging. Just spoken to our 'salary sacrifice' people, SalaryPlus, also been onto my HR department and spoken to Halfrauds Cycle2Work scheme people.

    They all say the same thing: "You cannot top-up the value to over £1000". Looks like the information on the FAQ I referred to has been posted incorrectly. The SalaryPlus people actually read out a letter they had been sent by the DFT, saying "Despite what some marketing materials might suggest, it is NOT possible to top-up over the value of £1000 without a credit licence agreement."

    The 'marketing materials' they refer to might just include the Halfords stuff, which state that you can 'easily' top-up the value using your own funds.

    Apparently it raises problems with regulatory authorities, with VAT issues, and such issues as employees leaving then arguing how much of the bike had actually been paid for.

    Your mileage may vary with the Evans scheme, but I have been told very strictly that Halfords will not even order £1000+ bikes.

    They have suggested the following:

    Dolan Mythos - Carbon frame, Ultegra EVERYTHING, Mavic Aksium wheels... £999

    Focus Azalco Tria - 9/10 from the 220 review, stiff alloy frame with a variety of components including SRAM - £999

    Cannondale CAAD9 Tiagra - Unfortunately the 105 spec is £1049, but you can get the 9-speed Tiagra version for £899 then upgrade.

    Halfords own Carrera Virago - Carbon Frame (looks like the same manf. as Planet-X) Ultegra, Truvativ crank and other bits, Shimano R580 wheels, £899

    Finally, Halfords have obviously seen the £1000 road-bike sweet spot and are getting a bike built by Viner exclusively for the Cycle2Work scheme. It uses the same Taiwanese carbon monocoque as the Dolan bike, but spreads a lot of Campy Centaur kit over it.

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    Thx anyway Bopomofo.

    I'm hoping our scheme with Evans might be different but I suspect not. I might just cough up myself for the better bike.[:(]
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