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OW Swim Fatigue

I'm pretty much a novice with 2 sprints under my belt. For the past 4/5 weeks I've mixed up swim training between pool & ow.

Despite the advantages afforded by the wetsuit I'm substantially slower in ow. I'm a sub 15.00 min 750m pool swimmer but in training and at Blenheim I found myself labouring after around 250m and recorded a 17.00min time.

I find my shoulders really start to ache in the suit. I've a Blue Seventy Reaction suit (mid range) that I had fitted at Sigma so should be a good fit. I did think I was between sizes being tall & slim and ended up with a ML rather than a Large.

Is this a technique thing or do you suspect my suit might be a little small?

I appreciate coaching over the net is difficult but any thoughts from those of you with a bit more experience?


  • transittransit Posts: 163
    I'm no expert but....

    The one thing I would look at is the difference between your recovery stroke between OW and pool. Is it different? If not, then it probably should be.

    In the pool it is generally better to have a good controlled recovery of the hand from the water by the hip and then bring over with a high elbow and reach fwd.

    In the OW because the wet suit restricts your shoulders you should use this to your advantage by bringing your arm more dynamically round the side of the body with less of an elbow bend. Not only does this create less resistance to the material of the wetsuit but can also be used as opposed force to your pull stroke underwater making it more powerful.

    Does that make sense? May be complete rubbish but I've read it in a number of places and it certainly works for me.

    I think wet suits always feel tight and restrictive, if they've fitted it for you I am sure it is right.
  • First timerFirst timer Posts: 139
    Harlow yellow, your not alone i also raced my first o/w swim and after just a few mins i was creamed,my shoulders were killing me. I put it down to never swimming in the mass of bodies before and possibly paniking trying to swim harder.

    I did have my wetsuit fitted at Tri uk but have recently tried on another suit and now my swimming is much more relaxed and my swim speed is back to what it should be if your an odd shape like me i.e large arms small chest then you need to find a suit that fits all around you.

    Good luck hope it gets better for you...[;)]
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