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Trispoke or 808

Hi i was wondering what you think is more aero/faster the zipp 808 or a h3c trispoke. I mainly ride flat courses and avervage about 25mph for a 40k



  • markie5markie5 Posts: 2

    I was reading an interview today with the CEO of HED(the aero wheel manufacturer)where he admitted that unless you really know what you are doing and are an elite cyclist, aero wheels are a waste of money in that they will save you around 30 secs over a 40K time trial.

    My advice, save your money, buy a good aero bike helmet and save your 30 secs in a faster transition.
  • Brind SurchBrind Surch Posts: 90
    I was wodnering if you had a linkt o the interveiw?


  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I would say Zipp 808's are faster because they are lighter, have better bearings, and they cost more so you have to justify them! But Markie's point is correct even the best of equipment is of minimal assistane in the hands of the unfit or the inexperienced. ie Up until you reach a certain point of speed/ ability/ fitness/ experience all the bling kit will make a minimal or even no difference. Once you make this poit the kit will reap rewards.
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