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I would remove the tyre and try to push it out from the inside. Then I'd put a drip of tyre repair adhesive into the cut while still pushing from the inside, stretching open the hole to allow the glue in. Failing that, tweezers?


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    Just completed my pre-race check on the bike and discovered a metal shard totally embedded in my rear tyre. At the moment it is not causing any puncture or loss of air pressure and would need me to dig right into the tyre to remove it. It's in the middle of the tyre (i.e. will be in contact with the road).

    Do I cross fingers and hope for the best or dig into the rubber to remove it?

    If removal is suggested any idea's on the best tool to get in their and get the thing out. Small screwdriver head?
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    I'd agree with nivagh, I certainly wouln't race with it still there. You don't say how long the race is, but if it's a longer distance one you could find yourself a long way from transition in bike shoes that are difficult to walk in..... a long wait for the 'meat wagon' to take you back - if your lucky enough to be in a race that provides a sweep vehicle, or if it's a sprint you could find yourself out of the race altogether due to the time it could take to sort the problem out.

    Up to you, but my advice would be not to leave it in there.
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    Many thanks, glass & metal removed successfully after deflation with tweezers.

    Sorry to bother the more experienced of you with this sort of stuff but tapping into the wealth of experience on here is pricesless for those in their early Tri days.

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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I would remove this tyre and use it as an emergancy spare. Buy anew one as the cut one will fail eventually either in a race or in training. Either way this would not be good. You will have to walk home. If it happens at speed you could find yourself in trouble (injured due to fall). If it happens in a race you'll not win
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