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Beijing Mens Tri

Great race. Good effort from Ali Brownlee - thought he might snatch a medal just at the point he suddenly lost ground.

Real shame about the illness that affected Don (and Avil yesterday).

Was surprised that Will Clarke was right at the back of the swim. Despite his best efforts he never really gave himself a chance.

The drafting just makes the whole event a different ball game to the events most of us take part it. Must admit would love the chance to compete in a level start with drafting. Favours those of us who have the run as our best leg (ok least worst[;)]).

Has to be said that despite the detailed prep the GB Tri squad haven't really performed (Brownlee aside) and certainly not to the level of other squads (Cycling take a huge bow).


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    Jelly legsJelly legs Posts: 278
    I agree was a great race, and yes a great shame about the don.

    And i might upset a few here but

    As big and effort that brownlee put in, he didnt want it bad enough,

    Watch the race again the last mile, guys were sprinting there hearts out, pushing themselves to the max, crossing the line and litterally grasping for air, falling to the ground, needing help to stand etc.

    Brownlee crossed the line puffing a bit, hands on hips, he was only 1.26 down on the gold.

    Having said that, i dont appreciate the heat or humidity
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    I dunno to be out in front all the way he was i thought brownlee was fab, just ran out of gas. especially given he's new to that level of racing!! 2012 he's gonna get it for us!! But i have been disappointed by the rest of the efforts and also by bbcs coverage of it. if you miss the main event all you get is a two minute round up!! wish they'd show more of it. [:(]
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I don't think its a case of not wanting it enough, i think as godluvs says it was just a case of him running out of gas as the pace was increased by gomez.

    I think it was shown by gomez who was crying at the end that it is rarely a case of not wanting it enough, its just a case of others being faster in the finish and having more left in them!

    It was a fab race though, I'm glad I am now at work painfully tired because I watched it. Yeh it was a real shame about the Don and hollie, and I think helen would have hoped for better, but in the heat and humidity I don't think clarke and brownlee did a bad job considering their age. Bring on 2012!
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    paulfitzpaulfitz Posts: 67
    Talking of the footage. You may have noticed that on the Games Today evening show yesterday, the womens Tri didnt even get a mention!! Criminal

    I know that, given all our success elsewhere, its hard to cram everyting into an hour, but to not even get a mention in the quick 'Team GB News' round-up where Gabby Logan sums up 'lesser performances' was a bit off
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    zagloudzagloud Posts: 3
    Does anybody knohow I can get my hands on a copy of the Olympic Tri as unfortunaltely I was not able to see it ?
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    I Sky+ the race and thought it was a good race. Didn't look like they were even pushing on the bike leg though. Seen races where they have been going or seemed to be going a lot faster.

    Why is drafting allowed anyway!!??? Surely it is a more open event with no drafting as it gives everybody a much level playing field, those better on the bike would have a better chance to have victories and not just the great runners.

    If you missed it try you tube later on today.

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    Hi zag try this:


    im going to try and catch it!!

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    starcherstarcher Posts: 126
    hey the womens race is now on BBC i player and i believe the mens will go on tomorrow, just go into the i player and search for triathlon.

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    CalimaCalima Posts: 35
    Yes it was a good race, not really a great race though, & better than the womens. As to Don & Avil illness, well rumour has it Team GB took reserves if this is so why wasn't Don & Avil pulled out by the powers that be & replaced with better triathletes. Yes I know that would be hard, but Avil couln't even keep water down - its not enough to be cleared by the team doctor, racing in those conditions and giving 110% you need to be on top form which clearly both were not, Tim Don has already commented about the bike circuit, (he had nothing in his legs) well surprise surprise when you do not eat correctly for 3 days prior to the most important race of possible your career what do you think you are going to feel like. Shame on Team GB for not having the balls to do what they should have done.
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    TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Damn good point, olly freeman was the mens reserve I do believe? now he may not have done as well as ali, but at least he would have been fit to compete. And his performance in hamburg was it? Showed he is developing into a pretty good athlete. why bring them along if your not going to use them.
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    jonEjonE Posts: 1,113
    Quite sure Andrea Whitcombe will again have something to say about the GB selectors making duff decisions.
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