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Completed my first Olympic this week and really enjoyed the race & very happy with 2hrs 25.

However, my swim is really letting me down (35mins).

Can anyone recommend a good coach or coached group (small) in the Essex/London (North or East) area. Looking for 1-2-1 or small group at reasonable cost maybe with a bit of video help etc.

Got to get my swim sub 30 next season and need help as doing drills out of books just isn't helping any improvement at the moment.


  • Check all the surrounding swimming pools, they will offer at least once a week free swim coaching, it gets people through the door.

    Its probably only pointer you need that you can then work on in your own time.

  • NobzNobz Posts: 22
    Coming from a swimming background myself my advice would be to call one of the swimming clubs in your area -Romford being the one that springs to mind, but there are others obviously - the majority of coaches for these clubs are unpaid so would take up the opportunity to take on a bit of 1-2-1 coaching for a very reasonable fee. I've remember doing this myself when I was competing as a swimmer for a couple of triathles and it seemed to work quite well - funny how it comes full cirlce!

    Worth a try at least. I would be a little sceptical that is you go to gym you'll more be getting someone who will teach you to swim rather that teach you to swim faster/most efficiently.
  • julesojuleso Posts: 279
    Don't rule out Swim for Tri. They have an endless pool and 4 cameras. I am going there every 6 weeks or so, as well as doing a 10-week course at my local pool. SFT are really very good at analysing your stroke and giving loads of feedback and exercises, while my local lessons are good for learning the other interesting stuff - diving, tumble turns, proper breaststroke technique, butterfly etc - but certainly not for speeding up my crawl. In fact their advice is generally at odds with modern thinking on crawl (i.e. they teach us to swim looking forward with our shoulders flat to the floor of the pool). If you tried a course like this to help your crawl it could be over £100 down the drain if you pay up front and don't get on with the teacher's techniques.
  • Gotta agree with Juleso, I went to SFT and they are amazing...I did a series of 6 endless pool sessions over about 10 months and my technique has improved dramatically..which can be seen by viewing the dvd you get of each session. I was seriously drowning when I first started but not i can usually get from one end of the pool to the either in about 15 -16 strokes...it used to take me about 25!

  • Hi

    Just joined the forum and am planning on trying my first tri in the new year, once my swimming has improved!! I'm from Harlow too and have been looking around for lessons and have had 'Brenda's swim time' in chelmsford's riverside pool recommended by a triathlete at work. I was planning on trying it out next term but it could be an option for you.


  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
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