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Washing your kit

I have to admit, the closest some of my tri kit has come to being washed is when I wear it in the shower after a workout. My regular running gear is good though, it can take a regular wash. But my cycle kit needs to be handwashed, so I put it off as long as possible. Not ideal [:'(]


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    Dukey3dDukey3d Posts: 19
    Just wondering what's the longest you've gone without washing your tri clothes?

    All my kit has to be carefully washed at low temps and can't be tumble dried etc., so sometimes it's easier to just leave the wonderful, pheromone rich beasts in the kit back until next time (or until environmental health are called in to my flat!) What does everyone else do?
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    However much kit I have, I never seem to be able to get it washed and dried quick enough, so I too have been known to wear dirty kit before now. But I do try and wash the stuff that looks dirty, i.e. covered in mud so that it is less obvious to others.
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    jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    I usually wear my kit at least twice. but then i dont usually worry too much about being carefull with washing it, everything goes in the washing machine on a quick cold wash with very ltttle washing powder and no softener. everything seems to be holding up just fine, i've got stuff thats 2 years old (Orca) that the printing hasn't even coming off yet![:)]
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