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What bike for sprint or tt

[color="black" size="2"][font="verdana,arial,helvetica"][color="black" size="2"][font="verdana,arial,helvetica"]What bike would say is best for sprint or tt?

Specilized Transiton S-works

Scott plasma Ltd

Cervelo P3c /P2c

trek equinox 9.9sl

Oreba Ordu

or any other strong choices



  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    See Boardman thread...ALL OF THEM..........
  • BritspinBritspin Posts: 1,655
    but seriously..I really wouldn't be able to choose....except I luuuuuuurve Specialized, so...but half our club has the cervelo (the pther half are thinking about it). The Scott gets good reviews, & the Equinox seems to have improved.ahhh decision, decisions.
  • bennybenny Posts: 1,314
    How about Planet-X stealth???
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    Yeh the stealth is supposed to be an ace bike, and if you go to a planet X dealer or get it direct from them they will build it based on your measurements!

    also I like the look of the felt B2, and the cannondale carbon slice, so i will be trying them out when I go to the bike shop next week!
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    What about the Felt DA? That's a damned nice bit of kit. I think that's the bike I secretly lust after - possibly the '07 model as the '08 has a disk rear which looks a bit too extreme - although I'm waiting for a) a lottery win, or b) until I get good enough that I have a sponsor who will buy one. Right.

    Seriously, I'm quite interested in opinions from those who have got great kit. Despite my 'robust' attitude to those who say 'spend or get out' I'd still love to be able to spend when I need to...

    I have lots of love for those Planet-X chaps. I've had great customer service from them, even though I've only bought a fork and just looked at buying a bike, and friends who have P-X and On-One bikes (related company) say great things.

    So, how about a P-X Stealth Pimp or OMFG build running on Xentis TT wheels? How does that compare?

    To be honest, this is all a bit like being in the pub, arguing about the relative merits of Lambos and Ferraris that I'll never drive.... but my goodness isn't it fun? Maybe we'll get somebody here who can give some proper answers (I'll guess that is probably treefrog) so I know what new picture to use on my desktop (currently the DA). So many people have the P3c it is very hard to ignore.
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I know what you mean bopomofo, I love the look of the DA aswell, all the felts actually, they have also got fantastic reviews especially the DA, in a review in 220 they compared the DA and the giant trinity C, and the DA absolutely blew it out of the water for acceleration and speed.

    I'm in the lucky position of recently being given £3000, with the stipulation, and i quote "You must spend it on something fun, or I will have it back!" Therefore I've decided that a new bike and wetsuit should fit the bill.

    I don't think I can stretch to a DA, but i like the look of the B2 pro, plus it has red on it, so it will go faster [;)]
  • TTX PROTTX PRO Posts: 225
    ide get a felt.much better and more aero.There is a strange thing but it is known in the industry.Riders found that when you have a more convetional TT frame like argon 18 murcury or wilier lavaredo crono(i would have to pick this as i have one myself.lol)or Dolans,these are ideal for flat out sprints where as a more aerodynamic frames like felt b2/da or BMC TT01 or Cervelo p3c or even an argon 18 e-114(if you ever get a chance to look at one of these you should notice that it looks simular to the BMC TT01 but its half the price)these are much better for longer distance TT.Now i know im just on about frames here but theory is the same.wer still talking aerodynamics here.The componentry is the added bonus depending on what makers/yourselves put on it.
  • My lottery bike would definitely be the Felt DA. If it goes as fast as it looks....

    My current bike is a Felt F5 which I love. And it's red. But, unfortunately, it doesn't seem to go any faster than all the non-red bikes - maybe the ability of the rider matters as much as the colour? If so, then I'm stuffed.

  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I'm in the happy position of having a sizable disposable income and also having a very keen interest in no.. passion for bikes. I have always researched, test ridden and bought the best, I went for a fully Record equipped/Crima & Zipp wheeled Cervelo P3C. Money was not a problem - this bike was specced with performance (and bling!) in mind. I keep a meticulous training data, I have been cycling properly or years and my previous bikes have always been top end record equipped -also I'm getting older so I should be getting slower! The P3C is the best bike I've ever ridden it quite simply is a faster frame/bike. Forget about the hype, look at the cold facts, look at the number of pros and semi pros riding rebadged P3C's and forget about my testamony and the what others say - get out and research and test a P3C. In conclusion I've also ordered a R3 SL for road riding and an alloy Soloist as my 2008-9 winter bike!
  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    No no no you should be a purist and get a steel single speed ex GPO bike because apparently its morally wrong of me to tell any one especially a beginner that you need good kit.
  • TommiTriTommiTri Posts: 879
    I recommend one of those Brompton folding bikes, then you only have to beat one person to feel good about yourself
  • BopomofoBopomofo Posts: 980
    Yes, the Brompton probably isn't going to cut it. Likewise the GPO bike, although it would be a monster downhill in a straight line. [:D]

    Serious question (in fact I started another thread on this): What makes the P3C so unquestionably good? How much better does it feel to ride, and why? Is it to do with weight, stiffness, did they just hit on some magic formula that just works?

    Apologies for cross-linking threads. Maybe answers should go in the other one.

    Tiring: I notice that the DA isn't red. I think I know what Felt will do for next year's upgrade.
  • jon_gjon_g Posts: 318
    nobody's mentioned quintana roo.... i love the look of those bikes. thats what i'd buy if i won the lottery[:)]
  • SimonBSimonB Posts: 12
    Ok so this year is IM year for me, so after nearly 10 years on my trusty Principia TSL I decided to invest in some serious machinery - I took delivery of my 2008 Felt DA in January.

    First of all, the rear disc is an option, Zipp 808's are standard, tubs or clinchers at your own discretion - I went for non disc tubs. Price was sub 4k owning to a very friendly local bike shop who was as keen as I was to get his hands on one - albeit in his case for only 24hrs to build the thing!

    So what can I say - factually, straight out of the box I average 4mph faster over 80miles on the Felt, and I've only ridden it 5 times - the TSL is my main training bike and it's not a slow bike.

    The frame rides beautifully, very smooth and compliant on all but the worst surfaces and rock solid through the drive train and a very planted front end. The range of adjustment in both the saddle stem and handlebar stem (supplied with 3 different stem lengths which pivot for vertical adjustment) mean that you can get a perfect fit - for both longer distances and eyeballs out TT. I had the bike properly fitted and set up for long distance TT.

    I find the bike very comfortable in terms of fit and 80 mile plus riding.

    It climbs amazingly well and it gives you great confidence as you know that when you get to the top the thing just starts to roll with amazing ease - it holds it's speed very well once you have it spooled up.

    Build quality in my book could be better - it's not rough, far from it, but the Cervello's are beautifully finished - the Felt is raw carbon (matt finish) so you can see the care that has been taken in laying it up, but the carbon dropouts front and rear and the carbon rear mech hangar are a worry!

    I forgot to mention.....when you pick this thing up it literally makes you laugh out loud, sub 17lbs!!!! and obviously the ridgidity and weight help it climb so well.

    So yes, I'm a very lucky chap and yes it's one hell of a ride! Would I recommend others to buy one..... well yes if you want to pay that kind of money! I looked at it as a once in a lifetime investment (that's what I told the missus anyway!) and part of my Ironman ambitions - I'm sure when I've successfully finished my first IM the DA will be the bargain of the century!!!!

    Final point... 5 rides and 3 punctures! the stock Vittoria Triathlon EVOs are pants IMHO especially at £45 at time - I don't care how light and quick they are. Chopped them in for some Continentals.

  • treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    I've ridden Vittoria clinchers for all my IM training and race and experienced no punctures, were you just unlucky/ or are tubs more prone to puncture?

    I also upgraded a Principia Triathlon frame for a P3C - an improvement ... and the Principia is excellent.

    Have you any experience of the Zipp 1080, I'm torn between a disc or a 1080 - any opinionSimonB

  • SimonBSimonB Posts: 12
    Hi Treefrog, the Vittoria tubs are really really fine and lightweight so by definition I guess they are more fragile than the clinchers! I've heard others comment on that particular model and got a knowing nod when buying some more heavy duty Continentals - I'll soon see how they hold up! Hope it wasn't just bad luck for the sake of my wallet!

    As for the disc vs the 1080, I really can't comment as I've not ridden either - I know that the 808's are a little bit gust prone but I don't really find that to be a problem - they more than make up for any downside just in terms of weight and outright speed. I guess the 1080 will be even better but I doubt I'm a good enough rider to tell the difference.

    I steered away from buying a disc right now just in terms of cost i.e. I'd have the disc only if I had an 808 as well - I wouldn't fancy riding a disc in gusty conditions over a long distance.

    Ah, good old triathlon.....1001 ways to spend your lolly!!!

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