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Hi All,

Im just looking for some advice from any of you out there.... Im looking to purchase all the equipment I need as a newcomer to this sport, I am in two minds if i should shop around for all the stuff or simply buy a package from somewhere... I have read on here that if looking for a bike then buying a last years model would save alot of cash...

so what do people think on this..... seperate? or package?


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    mangelmangel Posts: 20

    welcome to the forum and the world of triathlon. being a newbie myself i took the route of purchasing items separately purely due to cash flow, although managed to get a package on the bike (bike, pedals & shoes) though.

    Most packages will include a wet suit but seeing as i wanted to have a season of pool based events (swimming is my major weakness) this was another reason for not getting a package deal.

    If you have a reasonable amount of cash available and your going to get straight into open water swimming I guess the package deal would be the better option.


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    treefrogtreefrog Posts: 1,242
    CHEAP IS DEAR! Buy good quality kit : It will allow you to perform better, It will last longer and it will be more comfortable. Decide what you want to buy - do the research by checking product tests and asking people who use the stuff and then do the research to find out where you can get it at the best deal. Advice on bike buying - BUY LOCALLY a good specialist local bike shop (most are on the net anyway!!) gives a range of free ancillary services; fitting, accesseries, bargains etc and a host of contacts that you'll never get over the net. Quality, Service, Value - in that order
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    sfullersfuller Posts: 628
    Thanks for the replies, I was leaning towards buying seperately.... thinking about going to a Tri specific shop, there is a good one round london but i forget its name, ill head there.

    I think im going to buy a 2007 model bike, get me a bargain, if i can. Was thinking about Focus Cayo....
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    I own a 2008 cayo and love it, its a great ride. I'm sure the 07 version will be just as pleasing. The cayo is excellent value for money..... for once the reviews were spot on!
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    i bought seperate but only because i could get exactly what i wanted . i recently bought a 2006 felt bike reduced to half price so shop around . if you like whats in the package deals and the main stuff like bike and wetsuit is what you want then go package
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